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Professor Odd Arne Westad, Professor of International History Director of LSE IDEAS

Research and Publications

Arne Westad is director of LSE IDEAS, a centre he founded with Professor Michael Cox in 2008. Westad is Professor of International History at LSE and an expert in contemporary international affairs. His work deals mainly with twentieth century history and the history of China. He is also a frequent commentator on current international issues, especially with regard to East Asia. Professor Westad’s new book, Restless Empire: China and the World since 1750, was published by Basic Books in the United States and Bodley Head in the UK. It won the  Asia Society’s Book Award for 2013.  His book The Global Cold War won the Bancroft Prize and several other awards, and has been published in fifteen languages. Westad is now working on a general history of the Cold War in its twentieth century context and a book on China’s transformation from the Cultural Revolution to the era of reform. More »| 

Teaching and Supervision

Professor Westad's teaching at the LSE reflects the research interests outlined above.

In 2013/14 and 2014/15 he will be teaching:

HY206: The International History of the Cold War, 1945-1991|

Professor Westad also supervises the following PhD students:



Vladimir Dobrenko

The Soviet Peace Committee, 1949-1964

Anton Harder

Sino-Indian Relations, 1947-1962

Jin Lim

'Children of the Dragon': Tan Kah Kee, the Overseas Chinese, and New China, 1949-1961

Corina Mavrodin

Romania’s Foreign Policy and the Soviet Bloc, 1956-1969

Pete Millwood

The Sino-American Bilateral Exchange Program and US Support for China’s Reform and Opening, 1969-1989 

Amal Tarhuni 

Britain, the United States and the Radicalisation of Qaddafi's Libya 1969-1986 

Natalia Telepneva

Soviet relations with national-liberation movements, 1961-1976

Simon Toner

US Civilian Assistance Programs in South Vietnam, 1964-1973

Contact Details

Office: Room TW1 9.01A
Email Address: a.westad@lse.ac.uk|

Office Hours

For appointments, please contact t.franulovic@lse.ac.uk|
For 2013/14 academic year, o
ffice hours, by appointment only t.franulovic@lse.ac.uk|

Tuesdays, 11:30 - 12:30
Thursdays, 11:00 - 12:00


Professor Arne Westad