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Dr Taylor C. Sherman

Associate Professor

*On Staff Exchange Scheme 2014-2015*

Research Interests: Modern South Asian History
Room: SAR.M.10
Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 5002

Dr Taylor Sherman's research concerns the cultural and political history of India in the transition from colonial rule to independence in the middle decades of the twentieth century. Her research explores conceptions of citizenship, belonging and the idea of the minority in Indian politics; Arab and Afghan migration to and from India; early postcolonial democracy and the first elections; language politics, multilingualism and the creation of linguistic states; and violence and criminal justice in South Asia.

Dr Sherman returned to LSE in 2010. She studied International Relations and History at the LSE for her undergraduate degree, and then completed her doctoral work, entitled, 'The Politics of Punishment and State Violence in India', at Cambridge University. In 2004 she was awarded a Harry Frank Guggenheim Dissertation Fellowship for this research. She began her academic career teaching Extra-European History at Cambridge, and before moving to LSE, she held a post as AHRC Research Fellow at Royal Holloway, University of London, on a collaborative research project entitled, 'From Subjects to Citizens: Society and the Everyday State in India and Pakistan, 1947-64'.

Dr Sherman's teaches the following courses:

At undergraduate level:

HY113: From Empire to Independence: the Extra-European World in the Twentieth Century| (taught jointly with other members of staff in the Department)

HY233: Empire and Nation: Britain and India since 1750|

At Master's level:

HY423: Empire, Colonialism and Globalisation| (taught jointly with other members of staff in the Department)

Dr Taylor C. Sherman's first book, State Violence and Punishment in India (Routledge, 2010), was both a study of the many techniques of state coercion and a cultural history of the ways in which Indians imbue practices of punishment with their own meaning, and re-interpret acts of state violence in their own political campaigns.

She is currently working on a monograph on notions of secularism, belonging and citizenship amongst Muslims in early postcolonial India, entitled, Muslim Belonging in Secular India: Negotiating Citizenship in Postcolonial Hyderabad (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming).


  • Taylor C. Sherman, ‘From “Grow More Food” to “Miss a Meal”: Hunger, Development and the Limits of Postcolonial Nationalism in India’, South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies 36(4), 2013, pp.571-588.
  • William Gould, Taylor C. Sherman and Sarah Ansari, 'The Flux of the Matter: Loyalty, Corruption and the Everyday State in the Post-partition Government Services of India and Pakistan', Past & Present, May 2013.
  • Taylor C. Sherman 'Migration, Citizenship and Belonging in Hyderabad (Deccan), 1948-1956', Modern Asian Studies, 45(1), 2011, pp.81-107.
  • Taylor C. Sherman, 'Moral Economies of Violence in Hyderabad State, 1948', Deccan Studies, 8(2), 2010, pp.65-90.
  • Taylor C. Sherman, ‘Tensions of Colonial Punishment: Perspectives on Recent Developments in the Study of Coercive Networks in Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean’, History Compass, vol. 7(3), 2009, pp.659-677.
  • Taylor C. Sherman, ‘From Hell to Paradise? Voluntary Transfer of Convicts to the Andaman Islands, 1921-1940’, Modern Asian Studies, vol.43(2), 2009, pp.391-412.
  • Taylor C. Sherman, ‘State Practice, Nationalist Politics and the Hunger Strikes of the Lahore Conspiracy Case prisoners, 1929-1939’, special issue of the Journal of Cultural and Social History edited by Jocelyn Alexander and Clare Anderson, Politics, Penality and (Post-) Colonialism, vol. 5(4), 2008, pp. 497-508.
  • Taylor C. Sherman, ‘The Integration of the Princely State of Hyderabad and the Making of the Postcolonial State in India, 1948-1956’, Indian Economic and Social History Review, vol. 44(4) 2007, 489-516. 

Books and Special Issues

  • Taylor C. Sherman, William Gould and Sarah Ansari (eds)., From Subjects to Citizens: Society and the Everyday State in India and Pakistan, 1947-1970
  • State violence and punishment in India, 1919-1956. (London: Routledge, December 2009).

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Dr Taylor C. Sherman