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Dr Kirsten Schulze, Associate Professor

Research and Publications

Dr Schulze's main fields of research cover Indonesian Politics & Security; Regional Conflicts in Indonesia; the Aceh Conflict; the Free Aceh Movement (GAM); Security Sector Reform; Islamic Groups; Israeli Politics; Israeli Security; the Middle East Peace Process; the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Recent publications include The Free Aceh Movement (GAM): Anatomy of a Separatist Organisation, (East-West Center, Washington DC, 2004); An International History of the 20th Century with Antony Best, Jussi Hanhimaki, and Joe Maiolo, (Routledge, 2003); The Jews of Lebanon: Between Coexistence and Conflict, (Sussex Academic Press, 2001); The Arab-Israeli Conflict, Seminar Studies in History, (Longman, 1999).

Dr Schulze gained her BA from the University of Maine, Orono, USA, before moving to St Antony's College, Oxford where she studied for her MPhil and DPhil.. After graduating with her doctorate, she worked at Queen's University of Belfast, Northern Ireland. Dr Schulze moved to LSE in 1995.

Recent Public Lectures have included 'Gerakan Aceh Merdeka: Freedom Fighters or Terrorists?', Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford University; 'Insurgency and Counter-Insurgency: A Strategic Analysis of the Aceh Conflict,'Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore; 'The Conflict in Aceh and Indonesia's Integrated Operation, 19 May 2003 - Present', US State Department; 'Aceh under Martial Law', Council on Foreign Relations; 'Towards an Islamic State? Indonesia since Suharto', LSE Asia Research Centre.

Over more recent years she has been the recipient of the following grants: AHRB Research Leave Scheme Award for summer term 2004; Nuffield Foundation Social Science Small Grant; British Academy Research Grant. She also received the following award - World Economic Forum - Global Leader for Tomorrow 2002.

Dr Schulze is currently working on the completion of Tolerance on Trial: Democracy and Conflict in Indonesia with Theodor Hanf (Nomos, Germany). Her next major research project will be on The Conflict in Maluku.

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Teaching and Supervision

Dr Schulze's teaching at LSE reflects the research interests outlined above. Dr Schulze normally teaches the following courses:

At undergraduate level:

HY203: The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Nationalism, Territory, Religion|

At Masters level:

HY435: Political Islam: From Mohammed Abduh to Osama bin Laden|

HY441: Nusantara: State and rebellion in the Indonesian archipelago from the early modern period to reformasi|

Dr Schulze also supervises the following PhD students:



Rani Alaaldin

Shia Identity in Iran

Sara al-Qaiwani

The History of Women's Rights in the Middle East from 1880-1980

Sarah Ashraf

Rise of the Praetorian Military System and its Relationship with Islamic Militancy in Pakistan

Vishnu Juwono

The Politics of Institutional Reform in Indonesia: Comparative Study between President Soeharto Era (1965 – 1998) and Post-Soeharto Era (1998 – 2014)

Nabila Ramdani

The Rise of Egyptian Nationalism: The Case of the 1919 Revolution

Laura Ryseck

Nation-building and National Identity in Multi-Ethinc States: A Comparative Study of the Cases of Lebanon and Eritrea, 1941-91

Daniel Strieff

The Limits of Candour: Jimmy Carter, the Arab-Israeli dispute and the domestic constraints on an open foreign policy

Amal Tarhuni

Britain, the US and the Radicalisation of Qaddafi's Libya, 1969-86

Tobias Thiel

Contentious Politics, Collective Memory and Political Memory in Post-Unification Yemen

Corrin Varady

Islamisation of Sunni Muslims in Lebanon: The Evolution of fundamentalism in a sectarian context

Contact Details

Office: Room EAS.E600
Telephone: 020 7955 7105
Email Address: K.E.Schulze@lse.ac.uk|

Office Hour

Thursdays, 1.00pm-2.00pm
Fridays,   3.00pm-4.00pm


Dr Kirsten Schulze