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Professor Anita Prazmowska, Professor of International History

Research and Publications

Professor Prazmowska's main fields of research interests lie in the Cold War; communism; contemporary history; Eastern Europe; fascism; and Poland. Recent publications include Poland. A Modern History (I.B. Tauris, 2010); 'Ignacy Paderewski. Poland', in Makers of the Modern World. The peace conferences of 1919-23 and their aftermath (Haus Histories, 2009); Civil War in Poland, (Macmillan Press, 2004); A History of Poland, (Macmillan Press, 2004); Eastern Europe and the Origins of the Second World War, (Macmillan Press, 2000); Britain and Poland 1939-1943. The betrayed ally, (Cambridge University Press, 1995); Britain, Poland and the Eastern Front, 1939, (Cambridge University Press, 1987). She has also made contributions in recent years to 'The experience of occupation: Poland' in John Bourne, Peter Liddle, Ian Whitehead (eds.), The Great World War, 1914-45, Vol. I. Lightening Strikes Twice, (HarperCollins Publishers, 2000), and 'Poland' in The Origins of the World War Two. The Debate Continues, Robert Boyce, and Joseph A.Maiolo, (Palgrave/Macmillan Press, 2003).

Professor Prazmowska studied for her undergraduate degree at the University of Birmingham before moving to Queen Mary College where she studied for her PhD. Her academic career began at the University of Strathclyde before moving back to London to teach at Queen Mary and Westfield . She joined the LSE as a Lecturer in 1992.

Recent conference paper given by Professor Prazmowska was on 'Oskar Lange in the light of the FBI files' at the Polish Academy of Sciences conference commemorating the centenary of the birth of the Polish economist Oskar Lange.

She was the recipient of grants from The Nuffield Foundation awarded April 1993; The British Academy awarded May 1993; The Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economic and Related Disciplines awarded December 1998. There were funds for research into the Origins of Communism in Poland. The result has been the recently published book entitled Civil War in Poland 1943-48, published by Macmillan in 2004 and two refereed articles and two chapters in edited books.

The main focus of her current research is Polish de-Stalinisation and the events of 1956. Part of this research will be published as Wladyslaw Gomulka in the Communist Lives series from I.B. Tauris.

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Teaching and Supervision

Professor Prazmowska's teaching at the LSE reflects the research interests outlined above. Professor Prazmowska usually teaches the following courses:

At undergraduate level:

HY101: The European Civil War, 1890-1990| (taught jointly with other members of staff in the Department)

HY232: Frontiers of Nationalism, Statehood and Independence. The History of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe 1914-1990|

HY303: Russia in Revolution 1914-1921|

At Masters level:

HY400: International History in the Twentieth Century|

HY434 The Rise and Fall of Communism in Europe, 1917-1990|

Professor Prazmowska also supervises the following PhD students:



Andrea Mason

Britain and the establishment of Communism in Poland, 1943-1948

Contact Details

Office: Room EAS.E506
Telephone: 020 7955 7601
Email Address: A.J.Prazmowska@lse.ac.uk|

Office Hours 

Wednesday 12.30-13.30 and Thursday 16.00 -17.00


Professor Anita Prazmowska