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Professor Sönke Neitzel

Professor of International History

Other Titles: Chair of MSc Examinations Board; Academic Board Representative
Research Interests: History of War, especially World War One and World War Two
Room: SAR.2.18
Tel: +44 (0)20 7107 5378

Professor Neitzel gained his PhD from the University of Mainz (Germany) where he taught as a lecturer and Senior lecturer. In 2008/9 he taught at the University of Bern (Switzerland), 2010/11 at the University of Saarbrücken (Germany). In 2011/12 he held the established Chair for Modern History / Global Security at University of Glasgow before moving to LSE in September 2012.

His main fields of interest are the history of international relations and the history of war, especially the First and the Second World War and military culture post-1945. His publications include seven monographs, nine articles in peer reviewed journals, 13 edited books and a major edition that has been translated into five languages. His last book Soldaten, co-authored by Harald Welzer, was published in 20 languages.

Professor Neitzel has organized numerous international conferences; on War crimes (Mainz 2005); The Wilhelmine Empire, (Berlin 2008); Resistance and Civil War in Italy, 1943 – 1945 (Monte Sole, Bologna 2008) , “Myth of History”. Remembrance of WW II in Europe and Asia (Nuermberg, 2008), on Western Societies and new wars (Berlin 2013).

As the Chairman of the German Committee for the History of the Second World War he has also organised and co-organised international workshops on WW II studies including: Cultures of Violence (London 2013, Berlin 2015), the History of the Waffen-SS (Wuerzburg 2011); The Second World War as a Global Conflict (Hamburg 2009), War, Violence and Occupation. Anti-partisan warfare in the 20th century, (Wiesbaden 2007).

In the last five years Professor Neitzel was invited to conferences and panel discussions in Canada, the United States, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Morocco, Israel and India.

Professor Neitzel teaches the following courses:

At undergraduate level:

HY116: International History since 1890

HY322: Nazi Germany and the Second World War. Causes and Courses, 1933-1945

At Masters level:

HY442: Secret Intelligence in the 20th Century

Professor Neitzel also supervises the following PhD students:

Research Student Provisional Thesis Title
Michael Rupp Outside Intelligence – Public Discourses and Intelligence Culture in Great Britain, 1900 – 1939
Bastian Matteo Scianna Italiani Bravi Soldati? Italian Military Culture after 1945 in a European context

Professor Sönke Neitzel's last book Soldaten. On fighting killing and dying. The Secret Second World War tapes of German POWs (Simon & Schuster; Knopf publications), co-authored by Harald Welzer, is the result of an interdisciplinary research project founded by the Gerda – Henkel and the Fritz – Thyssen foundation. The book “Soldaten” was a bestseller in Germany (S. Fischer 2011) and is published in 20 languages.

Furthermore he has published books on Imperialism (Weltmacht oder Untergang”. Die Weltreichslehre im Zeitalter des Imperialismus, Schoeningh 2000) and the German Empire (Das Deutsche Kaiserreich, 1890-1914 [together with Bernd Heidenreich], Schoeningh 2011) the outbreak of the First World War (Kriegsausbruch. Deutschlands Weg in die Katastrophe 1900-1914, Pendo 2002) and the First World War (Blut und Eisen. Deutschland im Ersten Weltkrieg, Pendo 2003; Weltkrieg und Revolution. Deutschland 1914-1918/19, bebra 2008).

List of publications on LSE Research Online