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Professor MacGregor Knox, Professor of International History (emeritus)

Research and Publications

Professor MacGregor Knox held the Stevenson Chair of International History at LSE from 1994 to 2010. His main fields of research interest are European international and strategic history, 1890-1945, especially the foreign and military policies of Italy and Germany; comparative history; strategic theory; and dictatorships.

Professor Knox received a B.A. from Harvard College and an M.Phil. and Ph.D .from Yale University; he taught at the University of Rochester before joining the LSE. His many works include To the Threshold of Power, 1922/33: Origins and Dynamics of the Fascist and National Socialist Dictatorships (2007–08); Hitler's Italian Allies: Royal Armed Forces, Fascist Regime, and the War of 1940-43 (2000); Common Destiny: Dictatorship, Foreign Policy and War in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany (2000); and, co-edited with Williamson Murray, The Dynamics of Military Revolution, 1300-2050 (2001), all published by Cambridge University Press.

The main focus of his current research is a large-scale comparative work, "War and Revolution: Origins and Dynamics of the Fascist and Nazi Dictatorships", for which he received a Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship in 2003-2005; its first volume (above) appeared in 2007-08.

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Teaching and Supervision

Professor Knox's teaching at LSE has reflected the research interests outlined above. He has taught, or lectured in, the following courses (and continues to lecture in HY114 and HY226):

At undergraduate level:

HY114: War and Society from the Renaissance to the Napoleonic Era, c.1500-1815|

HY116: International History since 1890|

HY226: The Great War 1914-1918|

HY304: Germany's New Order in Europe, 1939-1945|

At Masters level:

HY409: The Origins and Conduct of the Second World War, 1935-1945|

Professor Knox has supervised, among others, the following Ph.D. students:

Gil-li Vardi, ‘The Enigma of German Operational theory: The Evolution of Military Thought in Germany, 1919-1938’ (Ph.D., 2009).

Elizabeth M. Yavnai, ‘Military Justice: The US Army War Crimes Trials in Germany, 1944-1947’ (Ph.D., 2008).

Tatjana Kraljic, ‘Forgotten Armies: British and American Troops in Southeast Asia and the Brutalisation of Warfare, 1942-45’ (Ph.D., 2005).

Claudia Baldoli, ‘Italian Fascism in Britain: The Fasci Italiani all'Estero, the Italian Communities, and Fascist Sympathisers during the Grandi Era (1932-1939)’ (Ph.D., 2002).

Alexander Ferguson, 'Axis of Failure: Strategic Folly, Economic Incompetence and Mutual Antipathy in the ltalo-German Alliance, 1939-1943' (Ph.D., 2002).

Contact Details

Office: Room E395
Email Address: m.knox@lse.ac.uk|