Academic Staff

Academic Staff

Dr Roham Alvandi|

Undergraduate Programme Admissions; Undergraduate Admissions Tutor; Deputy Chair, Undergraduate Examinations

Iran; Persian Gulf; Cold War

Professor Nigel Ashton|

Head of Department

Anglo-American relations; modern Middle East

Professor Marc David Baer|

(On leave 2013-2014)

Early Modern and Modern Europe and Middle East; Ottoman Empire,Turkey; Germany

Dr Antony Best|

PhD Programme  Director

Modern East Asian history; modern Japan

Professor Steven Casey|

(On leave 2013-2014)

20th-century United States

Professor Janet Hartley|


18th- and 19th-century Russia

Dr Tanya Harmer


LSE-Columbia Programme Director

Latin America; Cold War

Dr Tim Hochstrasser|

REF Co-ordinator

Early modern history; the Enlightenment; intellectual history

Dr Heather Jones|

Masters Programme Tutor

First World War; history of prisoner of war treatment; Weimar Germany; Irish politics

Professor Matthew Jones|

Research Committee Chair

British foreign and defence policy since the Second World War; American foreign relations; nuclear history and the Cold War; British decolonization

Dr Paul Keenan|

LSE-PKU Programme Director; Website Manager

Cultural history of 18th-century Russia

Professor MacGregor Knox (emeritus)| 


European international and strategic history, 1890-1945

Dr Joanna Lewis|

(On leave MT 2013)

Modern African history

Professor Dominic Lieven (emeritus)


Russian history

Dr N. Piers Ludlow|

(On leave 2013-2014) 

Western Europe since 1945; European integration

Professor Sönke Neitzel|

Chair, MSc Examinations Board

History of war, esp. World War I and World War II

Professor Anita Prazmowska| 

Undergraduate Programme Tutor

Modern Eastern Europe

Professor Paul Preston (emeritus)|

Spanish History

Dr Svetozar Rajak|

Cold War, Eastern Europe, Balkans

Professor Maria José Rodriguez-Salgado History|

Philip II; 16th century; 17th century; Europe; Elizabeth Tudor; Charles V; Anglo-Spanish relations

Dr Kirsten Schulze|

Masters Programme Director; Deputy Chair, MSc Examinations Board

Modern Middle East and Indonesia

Dr Taylor C. Sherman|

Chair, Undergraduate Examinations

Modern South Asian History

Professor Alan Sked|

Hapsburg empire; modern Britain and United States

Dr Gagan D. S. Sood|

HY300 Dissertations

Pre-modern India and the Islamic world; the Mughal, Safavid and Ottoman empires; early modern globalisation; transition to modern colonialism

Dr Kristina Spohr|

Deputy Head of Department

Cold War summitry; the end of the Cold War; theory and practice of Contemporary History

Professor David Stevenson|

Stevenson Chair of International History

Modern European international relations; First World War

Dr Paul Stock|

Masters Programme Admissions

18th- and 19th-century intellectual history

Professor Odd Arne Westad|


Cold War; modern East Asia

Professor Vladislav Zubok|

Undergraduate Programme Director

Cold War; 20th-century Russia