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Cumberland Lodge

Cumberland Lodge

Freedom and Subjugation in History

Cumberland Lodge Weekend 2015

30 October-1 November 2015
Venue: Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Great Park
Cost: £100 per person (tickets are sold out)
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Each year the Department of International History organises a weekend event at Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Great Park. The aim is to allow our students and staff to explore a broad historical theme in a relaxed, relatively informal atmosphere. This year’s subject is ‘Freedom and Subjugation in History’.

There will be six seminar style sessions, during which members of staff will offer talks and answer questions on a variety of cases of historical revisionism. Cumberland Lodge will thus provide a brilliant setting for an in-depth analysis of this key historical theme.

In addition to our seminar style sessions, there is plenty of free time for further historical debate on long walks in the park or in the Lodge’s fine drawing rooms. There will also be time to meet your fellow students and staff members at meals and in the bar.

The cost of the weekend is £100 per person. This includes coach transport to and from Cumberland Lodge, room and board.

Tickets are sold out.

This event is open to International History students only.

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"The Cumberland Lodge weekend has been one of the highlights of my time at LSE so far. The Lodge itself was like a palace, and, with its rich past and royal connections, was the perfect place to learn about the histories of freedom and subjugation. I really enjoyed the diversity of topics that were covered, from gulags in Siberia and human rights in Iran, to Communism in Poland and the four freedoms of post-World War II America. These all opened my eyes to completely different parts of history that I’d never considered before, and it was great to be introduced to some of the current research that members of staff are doing. The best part of the weekend, however, was getting to know other historians, whether that was through exploring the beautiful grounds and park together or just chilling in the bar of an evening. There was a real community atmosphere the entire weekend, and I’ve gained so many friends because of it. The weekend was such a brilliant experience – I learned a lot, met some great people, and loved it so much that I would thoroughly recommend everyone to take advantage of it."

Scott Gibson (2015-2016)
MSc Empires, Colonialism and Globalisation
"It was a wonderful conference and I had a great time talking with other students and professors during our stay. It was definitely a fun and educational weekend! There were amazing and thought provoking speakers and the topic was extremely satisfying."

Alex Penler (2014-2015)
Msc Empires, Colonialism and Globalisation
"It was such a rejuvenating way to break up the term. I got to know people I would never have otherwise met. I'm really grateful to have gotten the opportunity."

Chantal Berendsen (2014-2015)
MSc Empires, Colonialism and Globalisation
"It was a privilege to hear such a top quality, diverse array of speakers (...) it provided plenty of food for thought - both for studying the Great War and other topics too."

Hamish McDougall (2014-2015)
MSc History of International Relations





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