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MPhil/PhD Workshop and Seminars

Students registered for the MPhil/PhD in International History are required in their first year to attend the Department's research training programme: HY501 - Research Student Workshop. Students are also advised to attend relevant seminars organised within the other colleges of the University of London or the School, such as the ones below.

You can find more information on the Department's courses in LSE Research Course Guides|.

HY501 - Research Student Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to familiarise new MPhil/PhD students with the practical research and writing skills necessary for the preparation of a first-rate PhD thesis in history, and to discuss some general methodological and theoretical issues in international history as a research field. The workshop aims to introduce students to the means of launching a career in academic or related fields and provodes the opportunity to present research in progress. Students yet to pass their upgrade from MPhil to PhD attend the Introductory Workshop, which meets weekly in the Michaelmas term. Meetings are devoted to research and interviewing techniques and mainly practical issues of historical research. Students due to be upgraded attend the Advanced Workshop held in the Lent and Summer terms, the frequency of meetings depending upon the number of participants. The meetings are intended primarily as a forum for reviewing research in progress, with a view to enabling students to pass their upgrade.

Schedule of Meetings 2013-14

*Michaelmas Ter

16 October 2013

The nature of a PhD thesis.  The university regulations.  The PhD upgrading requirements. The originality requirement.  Examples of previous theses and thesis topics. Selecting a topic. Relationship to other researchers in the field. 

23 October 2013
Methodological aspects: the making of history
History and its relationship to the social sciences. International history and other forms of history. What do historians do when they do history? What are its claims to objectivity? Interpretation and controversy in history. History and post-modernism. Please do some reading beforehand and come prepared with questions.
Participating: Dr Tim Hochstrasser

30 October 2013
Notes and record keeping

One of the main tasks of the historian is to accumulate evidence from written and oral sources on which to base their work. We will discuss how we can do this effectively and to minimise problems of storage and recovery.
Participating:  Dr Paul Keenan

6 November 2013
Electronic sources for historians (Room: LRB.R08)

A valuable opportunity to run through the search tools available on-line via the Library.
Note: this meeting will take place in the Library, room to be confirmed
Participating: Paul Horsler (History librarian, LSE Library)

13 November 2013   
Working in the archives

An informal discussion of aspects of archival research at home and abroad, with practical advice offered by several faculty members.
Participating:  Dr Lauren Warlouzet; Dr Valeria Zanier

20 November 2013 
Oral history and interviewing

A useful, and occasionally the only, method of obtaining information on contemporary issues is by interviewing witnesses. There are, however, important issues of technique, confidentiality, reliability and record-keeping that arise from this procedure. Before attending this meeting, please consult one of the relevant items on the reading list and/or the website of the Oral History Association|
Participating: Professor Dorothee Wierling and Dr Kristina Spohr
27 November 2013
The writing process

An informal discussion of aspects of thesis writing. Please note: bring to this meeting at least one example of GOOD historical or other non-fiction writing and be prepared to explain why you chose it.
Participating: Dr Valeria Zanier

4 December 2013
Presenting papers at seminars and conferences

An informal discussion on how to give a paper: preparation and delivery, how to deal with criticisms and questions. IT aids: PowerPoint. How to get published: academic journals and book publishers: sources of advice.  What makes a good paper/article?
Participating: Professor David Stevenson

*Summer Term*

There will probably be three or so meetings in the Summer term, depending on the number of first-year students who are preparing for the up-grade. The meetings will be given over to presentations by students of the draft chapter they will be submitting for the upgrading exercise. Two students will normally make presentations at each meeting. They will be asked to summarise their chapter, explaining its thesis and how it is underpinned. The order of appearance will be decided toward the end of the Michaelmas term.

HY509 - International History Research Seminar

All International History PhD students are invited to attend HY509 on alternate Wednesdays during term time - they will be followed by drinks at the George IV pub. This seminar is open to all graduate students in the Department. Attendance is mandatory for all of the Department's research students who have passed their upgrade and are present in London. A register will be taken and persistent absence will be brought to the attention of supervisors and the Doctoral Programme Director, Professor Anita Prazmowska.

The HY509 programme for the rest of this term is listed below. Papers will be circulated in advance via the HY509 Moodle site. All PhD students who have passed their upgrade are required to enrol on HY509 to ensure you have access to the papers.

Members of the Department are welcome to attend, and requested to enrol for HY509 on Moodle to access the papers.

Seminar Programme 2013-14

*Michaelmas Term*

23 October 2013
Thinking Imperially: Empire in Public Discourse

Chair: Dr. Paul Keenan
Panelists: Cees Heere, Jonas Fossli Gjersø

13 November 2013
Nationalism and Radicalization in the Middle East

Chair: Dr. Roham Alvandi
Panelists: Seth Anziska, Ranj Alaaldin

27 November 2013
Modernisation in East Asia

Chair: Dr. Antony Best
Panelists: Takahiro Yamamoto, Scott Gilfillan

11 December 2013
Race, War and Journalism

Chair: Dr. Steven Casey
Panelists: Oliver Elliott, Rosalind Coffey

*Lent Term*

29 January 2014
Land Empires: Russia and the Ottoman Empire

Chair: Prof. Chai Lieven
Panelists: Serkan Ke, Pınar Üre

12 February 2014
Postcolonial elites and the Cold War

Chair: Dr. Joanna Lewis
Panelists: Gary Blank, Mark O’Connor

26 February 2014
Red Peace. Beyond Communism-Capitalism: Ideological debates in the Cold War

Chair: Dr. Vladimir Unkovski-Korica
Panelists: Vlad Dobrenko, Natalia Telepneva (TBC)

12 March 2014
Publishing, Jobs, and the State of History

Panelists: TBC

Contact details:
Aurelie Basha|
Yu Suzuki|
Natalia Telepneva|

HY510 - Cold War History Research Seminar

In this workshop, second and third year PhD students present their research for discussion. There are also seminars by staff from within and outside the department on their own research with relevance for PhD students either in terms of subject and/or methodology.

Read more details| about the workshop, including Seminar Programme 2013-2014.