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HY509 - International History Research Seminar

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2013-14 Seminar Programme

Wednesdays, 16.00-18:00

Room 32L.B.13

All International History PhD students are invited to attend HY509 on alternate Wednesdays during term time - they will be followed by drinks at the George IV pub. This seminar is open to all graduate students in the Department. Attendance is mandatory for all of the Department's research students who have passed their upgrade and are present in London. A register will be taken and persistent absence will be brought to the attention of supervisors and the Doctoral Programme Director, Professor Anita Prazmowska.

The HY509 programme for the rest of this term is listed below. Papers will be circulated in advance via the HY509 Moodle site. All PhD students who have passed their upgrade are required to enrol on HY509 to ensure you have access to the papers.

Members of the Department are welcome to attend, and requested to enrol for HY509 on Moodle to access the papers.

Michaelmas Term Programme:

23 October 2013: “Thinking Imperially: Empire in Public Discourse”
Chair: Dr. Paul Keenan
Panelists: Cees Heere, Jonas Fossli Gjersø

13 November 2013: “Nationalism and Radicalization in the Middle East”
Chair: Dr. Roham Alvandi
Panelists: Seth Anziska, Ranj Alaaldin

27 November 2013: “Modernisation in East Asia.”
Chair: Dr. Antony Best
Panelists: Takahiro Yamamoto, Scott Gilfillan

11 December 2013: “Race, War and Journalism”
Chair: Dr. Steven Casey
Panelists: Oliver Elliott, Rosalind Coffey

Lent Term Programme:

29 January 2014: “Land Empires: Russia and the Ottoman Empire”
Chair: Prof. Chai Lieven
Panelists: Serkan Ke, Pınar Üre

12 February 2014: “Postcolonial elites and the Cold War”
Chair: Dr. Joanna Lewis
Panelists: Gary Blank, Mark O’Connor

26 February 2014: “Red Peace. Beyond Communism-Capitalism: Ideological debates in the Cold War”
Chair: Dr. Vladimir Unkovski-Korica
Panelists: Vlad Dobrenko, Natalia Telepneva (TBC)

12 March 2014: “Publishing, Jobs, and the State of History”
Panelists: TBC

Contact details:

Aurelie Basha: A.A.Basha-I-Novosejt@lse.ac.uk|
Yu Suzuki: Y.Suzuki3@lse.ac.uk|
Natalia Telepneva: N.Telepneva@lse.ac.uk|