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Careers Prospects

History and Employment

Very few people with a degree in History go on to work as historians, but students with a degree in International History have many skills that are in high demand today.

History students learn to read and process large amounts of information, to sift out unreliable data, to analyse and organise the material available, and to form a coherent argument orally or in writing. Students at the LSE learn to set and achieve personal goals, manage their time to meet deadlines, and have confidence speaking in public. In our knowledge-based economy, employers value these skills.

Career Development at LSE

Students at the LSE have an opportunity to engage in a wide range of extracurricular activities that help to build their career prospects. Student societies range from political and charity work, to societies focused on specific career paths. See the full list of LSE Student Union Societies.

The Department of International History organises Careers panels specifically for History students where the panellists are a range of representatives, graduate recruiters and alumni from fields of employment that typically interest History students, e.g. Finance, Law, Development, Journalism and Media, Government and Civil Service. Presentations are given by panellists followed by a Q&A.

In addition, the LSE has a dedicated Careers Service to help in your search for employment during the summers and after you graduate. The Careers Service organises Careers Fairs, Forums, Seminars and Employer Presentations throughout the academic year.

Life after LSE

In 2014/15, 89.44% of leavers from the Department of International History were in employment, completing further study or doing something else six months after graduation.

LSE History graduates find employment in almost any job sector due to the wide range of transferable skills developed during their studies. Previous graduates from the International History department have found work in:

  • Consultancy
  • Education and teaching
  • Research

The median starting salary of graduates from the International History department working full time in the UK was £26,250 in 2014/15.

To find out more about LSE graduate destinations by specific International History degree programmes, see International History Graduate Destinations.

Read these detailed profiles exploring why LSE graduates initially chose to study with us as well as their LSE experience and their career development since graduation: