Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Do you accept the submission of extra written work?

A: In fairness to all students, we do not accept the submission of extra work of any kind.

Q: Do you conduct admissions interviews?

A: We are able to make our decisions based on the information provided by the UCAS form, and therefore we do not conduct interviews.

Q: Do you participate in Clearing?

A: We do not normally participate in Clearing.

Q: I have a question about the admissions process, whom can I contact?

A: Please see How to Apply| on the LSE webpages, or contact Dr Taylor C. Sherman|, Undergraduate Admissions Advisor| or Mr Mathew Betts|, Undergraduate Programmes Administrator|.


Q: What courses do you offer?

A: Please see Undergraduate Programmes|.

Q: Can I take courses outside of the department as part of my degree?

A: Yes, if you take the BA in History|, you can take as many as 3 courses outside the department; if you take the BSc in International Relations and History|, you can take as many as 2 courses outside of these departments.

Q: What sort of extracurricular activities are there related to history at the LSE?

A: In addition to the large number of public lectures every week at the LSE, there is also a student History Society|. Each year, the Department hosts a number of social activities including receptions, pub-quizzes and themed roundtable sessions. In 2010-11 there were roundtables on the First World War, and on The Idea of Europe in History.