Prospective MPhil/PhD Research Students


Prospective MPhil/PhD Research Students

The Department of International History at LSE can offer a comprehensive range of special areas for research, ranging from the early 16th century to the late 20th century. Each year we receive a large number of applications from prospective PhD students from all over the world. Our graduates teach in some of the best university departments in Britain and overseas, or work in the media, civil service or private and voluntary organisations.

Please note that we do not offer an online PhD degree.

Why choose London and LSE?

London and LSE has much to offer anyone studying for a higher degree in history. The LSE International History Department is one of the leading history departments in the UK, and the main European centre for the study of international history. Working as part of the world's premier institution for social science research, the staff and students in the Department come from many different countries and continents, and contribute to the unique cosmopolitan experience of studying at LSE.

In London you will find important archives and libraries for international history, such as the Public Record Office|, the British Library|, and the libraries of the specialised schools of the University of London, such as the Institute of Historical Research|, the School of Oriental and African Studies|, and the School of Slavonic and East European Studies|. The LSE Library| is one of the leading collections of materials for social science research, with substantial holdings in most of the key European languages.