Masters Application Information


Masters Application Information

How to apply

The Department welcomes applications from all students who have completed (or will soon complete) a first degree in History or a related subject. Application forms can be obtained from LSE's Graduate Admissions Office|. Those seeking admission are strongly advised to submit their applications with supporting documentation as soon as possible . You may order a copy of the detailed LSE Prospectus at: Request a Prospectus|.

For further information, please contact the Masters Admissions Advisor|. Specific questions on the equivalence between overseas qualifications and a UK Honours degree should be referred instead to the Graduate Admissions Office|. The same applies to language qualifications.

Maintaining Small Group Size

The Department of International History is committed to the idea that graduate teaching should be done in small groups. In order to meet this commitment, and to ensure that students can work with their teachers in an environment where real dialogue and interchange is possible, the number taking some courses does have to be controlled. This means that it becomes very important to indicate in advance to the Department what options the incoming students wish to take.

In June, provisional course choice form s are sent to students to complete and return to the Department. Using these provisional course choice forms, the Senior Masters Programme Tutor will calculate how many students each optional course is likely to have. If numbers indicate that more than one group is likely to be needed for any option, the Department will make every effort to secure the necessary extra teaching capacity. This system can only work with the co-operation of incoming students. If a student fails to return their provisional course choice form in good time, the Department will be unable to assure them of a place on their preferred courses.

Postgraduate Course Guides

The Masters course guides are available online in the School Calendar |