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International student applications

We are actively encouraging applications from international students, for entry into our undergraduate programmes, the BA History| and the BSc International Relations and History|, and also to join the department as General Course students|.

The Department of International History at the LSE offers a programme of historical study that takes the world as its canvas. Unlike most other history departments in the United Kingdom, this department seeks to consider history in its widest geographical remit. Our student body is itself very international - and this means that when students discuss war and peace, nationalism and international relations, empire and decolonisation, they are able to draw on and respond to perspectives from different regions of the world. Becoming an international student here will therefore mean that you get the opportunity to study a range of national, regional and international historical topics, whilst making friends from around the world, with whom you can learn together.

London is itself a city of historic importance for the world. This means that our students find themselves in the midst of a centre of global economics and culture, whilst studying international history. Our international students comment on how they benefit from the range of activities at hand in London, as well as its cosmopolitan character. Historians attempt to understand the past using a wide range of materials - books written by other historians as well as primary documents. Studying in London arguably opens up opportunities that are unrivalled anywhere else in the world, for researching a dissertation or a historical essay. Within walking distance of the LSE, there are archives and libraries of international significance, with deposits of rare books and manuscripts.

The structure of the courses on offer at the LSE make it possible to combine modules in international history, with a wide range of other choices, in international relations, economic history, law and government to name just a few. In addition to this, you will be taught by teachers who are at the cutting edge of their fields of historical research, and who specialise in a variety of different periods and regions of history. You will hear from them not only about the general outline of the topic in hand, but about how their discoveries in the archives fit into the story.

The Department of International History at LSE is one of the best history departments in the UK, as is seen in all recent rankings. At the same time we like to think that it is amongst the strongest - if not the best - in terms of provision for the interests and needs of international students in the field of history in the UK. If you wish to know more about the Department, please feel free to get in touch with the Admissions Advisor|.