The criteria for a student enrolling on EC400 is as follows:

  • A strong background in mathematics and statistics. Typically, students will have the equivalent of a major in Economics, with a range of courses in micro, macro, and Econometrics as well as linear algebra and calculus. Students will need to come from a quantitatively-orientated Economics Department and have achieved a high standard in order to qualify.
  • Students must submit a request for consideration by the end of June to ensure there is sufficient time to review cases and change CAS dates for visa purposes.
  • Students are expected to attend the entirety of the EC400 course. Those who cannot make the start date will not be allowed on the course.

The criteria for a student enrolling on a 400-level course in the Dept of Economics is as follows:

  • Attendance of the entire EC400 course (revision maths, maths for micro, maths for macro, and statistics).
  • Must pass the course with 50%, with no grade below 40% on any one exam.
  • Students wishing to take an MRes course (available for PhD students at LSE and LBS) must achieve an average mark of 70%, with no grade below 60%.

EC400 is a required aspect of course work for all MSc Economics, EME and MRes students in the Dept of Economics. Consequently, this requirement will not be waived for any external student hoping to study with us.

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