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MSc Development Studies (Research)

Programme Director: Prof James Putzel

MSc Development Studies (Research) students follow compulsory core course, Development: Theory, History and Policy, either Foundations of Social Research 1 or 2, plus optional course (to the value of 1 unit), a research methods course and produce a 10,000 word dissertation. The optional courses can be chosen from courses offered within the Department of International Development or from a wide range of offerings from other Departments/Institutes within the School such as Anthropology, Demography, Economic History, Economics, Government, Geography, Information Systems, International Relations, Management, Social Policy, Sociology, Law and Gender.

Please note that some options have prerequisites and some have a restricted intake. We cannot guarantee that options will be available in any year. Permission of the relevant course organiser is required for any course outside the Institute.

Please see the Graduate Prospectus| for further details.