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MSc Development Management

Programme Director: Professor Jean-Paul Faguet

The MSc in Development Management has been offered by the Department of International Development (ID) since 1996 and is one of our two main degrees. We currently admit around 70 students to this programme from over 500 applications each year.

Research and teaching at ID is concerned with the causes of poverty, insecurity and exclusion in the contemporary world, and aims to provide our students with the capacity to intervene effectively to address them. Successful development occurs when we create environments and service delivery systems which improve the welfare of the poor by encouraging investment and good performance. To do this we must 'get the institutions right' by adopting technologies, incentives and accountability mechanisms which ensure that agencies provide appropriate, cost-effective and sustainable services for their beneficiaries and consumers.

Practitioners and theorists are now shifting from centralised and hierarchical agencies to those which attempt to empower poor people by using approaches based on decentralisation, privatisation and participation. These reduce the ability of elites to exploit the poor and can lead to better performance, but they are difficult to introduce and manage, and can also lead to inefficiency, conflict and disappointment. They only succeed where they take full account of local circumstances and needs, encourage discipline and expertise amongst providers and beneficiaries, and are appropriate for the particular purposes for which they are intended.

A wide range of theoretical and empirical work now exists about these attempts. National and international development agencies, as well as community leaders are responding to these initiatives, and these are transforming both our understanding of development and of the processes which produce it. The MSc Development Management will expose students to this literature and thus improve their capacity to help these agencies and communities to produce better results.

MSc Development Management students follow a compulsory full-unit core course, DV431 Development Management over Michaelmas and Lent Terms. They also take optional courses to the value of 2 units as well as preparing a project for research methods assessment, and produce a 10,000 word dissertation. The optional courses can be chosen from a range of courses offered within ID, or from a wide range of offerings from other Departments & Institutes within the School such as Accounting & Finance, Public Policy & Administration, Economics, Geography & Environment, Information Systems, Management, Social Policy, Sociology & NGO Management.

Please note that some options have prerequisites and some have a restricted intake. We cannot guarantee that options will be available in any year. Permission of the course organiser is required for any course outside the Department.

Please see the Graduate Prospectus| for further details.