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Mozambique Elections:

A collective research project

Mozambique Elections Data - Boletins / Election Slips

All available data from Mozambican elections from 1999 through to 2014 is posted below. Election results are in a variety of formats and different levels of detail, as published by the National Elections Commission. In addition there are some Constitutional Council rulings which contain results, some parallel vote tabulations (PVTs), and official lists of polling stations, which follow the official results.

As well as simply making this data available for researchers, we are building a collaborative network of scholars doing statistical research and analysis on Mozambique elections. If you are using this data, we ask that you send us not just your articles but also your data sets and work in progress, to be posted and shared here. Anything posted will be attributed to the authors. 

The files as presented by the National Elections Commission are not in useful formats for statistical analysis. The Instituto de Estudos Sociais e Económicos (IESE: Economic and Social Studies Institute) in Maputo has pulled together each presidential and each national parliament election into a single large Excel file, available on their website. It also has graphic capabilities.

Below, the first set of files are the sample counts (PVT - parallel vote tabulations) done by the Observatório Eleitoral (Electoral Observatory) in Maputo, a coalition of NGOs which monitors elections. The second set of files are the official reports as published by the Comissão Nacional de Eleições (CNE, National Elections Commission). The first group in the CNE section are the list of polling stations for 2014, followed by results of all multi-party elections.

The first results from this project were presented at a public lecture on 16 March 2016 by Johan Ahlback and Joseph Hanlon. The podcast and PowerPoint are available to download from Fraud at polls: can journalists and statisticians check? The Mozambican experience.

If you have used this data, would you please send your reports, papers, working papers, and theses to j.hanlon@lse.ac.uk so that links and papers can be posted on the Election Research page, and others can build on your work.

For further discussion, see the note of explanation.

Parallel, Sample Counts (PVTs)

Official Documents - Comissão Nacional de Eleições (CNE)