Members of the Crisis States programme speaking about their work:

Jo Beall - speaking at the Africa Centre for Cities, University of Cape Town, on the research undertaken by the Cities and Fragile States team. November 2010

Dennis Rodgers - on the changing character of slums worldwide for Swiss TV's Geopolitis programme in February 2010

Antonio Giustozzi - discussing contemporary social and political issues in Afghanistan, January 2010

Antonio Giustozzi - present and future challenges in Afghanistan,  LSE IDEAS, December 2009

Laurie Nathan - the Mediation Support Project

James Putzel - definitions of state fragility and resilience, ODI seminar, July 2009

Jo Beall - the challenges of urban development in Johannesburg, UrbanAge conference in Mumbai, November 2007.   Part 1,  Part 2.

(Podcasts of events run by Crisis States at LSE can be found on the LSE Events page).

Tim Allen, professor of development studies at LSE and a contributor to the Crisis States programme, has been involved with the production of numerous radio programmes and audio resources related to development issues.  More.


'Do No Harm: international support for state-building" - OECD report for which Centre Director, Prof James Putzel, is the lead author.

'Fragile States topic guide" - a GSDRC resource prepared in collaboration with Jo Beall and Golooba Mutebi.

Trading Conflict for Development  - a report researched and written by Nicholas Garrett and Harrison Mitchell of Resource Consulting Services and supported by funding from the DfID, with assistance from the Crisis States Research Centre and the Conflict Research Group. The report challenges calls for a ban or disruption of the trade in cassiterite, coltan and wolframite from Eastern DRCongo and urges policymakers, the private sector and other stakeholders to commit to reforming the existing trade in minerals from DR Congo instead.

'Why Templates for Media Development do not work in Crisis States' - a report from the CSRC workshop held in spring 2005 in conjunction with the Stanhope Centre and the Annenberg School for Communications.

'Intelligence in a Constitutional Democracy' - a report co-authored by Laurie Nathan, CSRC partner at the University of Cape Town.

'Peace, Justice and the ICC in Africa' - reports from a workshop hosted by the Royal Africa Society and co-funded by the CSRC.

'Military Training and Children in Armed Conflict - a training manual produced by Jenny Kuper, Visiting Fellow with the CSRC during the first phase of the programme.


El Espectador - the Centre's partner, Dr Francisco Gutierrez, writes regularly for this Colombian newspaper

Mozambique - Centre Visiting Fellow, Dr Joe Hanlon, has produced this resource in conjunction with the Open University

Links to other useful website related to state fragility and development can be found here.

A full list of all Centre publications can be found here

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