CSRC Working Paper 76

'Exclusionary Elite Bargains and Civil War Onset: the case of Uganda'
Working Paper No : 76 (series 2)
Author: Stefan Lindemann
Date : August 2010

This paper examines the history of civil wars in Uganda through the concept of 'elite bargains', arguing that allowing a biased access to positions of state power fails to accommodate the dominant social cleavages and is more likely to lead to civil war. Drawing on the definition of 'elite bargains' as developed at the Crisis States Research Centre, as well as on the wider literature surrounding issues of state power and the distribution of rights and entitlements, the paper draws a distinction between 'inclusive' and 'exclusionary' bargains and their differential outcomes.

The author examines the question of elite bargains in Zambia in CSRC Working Paper 77 |(series 2) and has developed the theme more fully in his PhD thesis which was submitted in Decmeber 2010.