CSRC Working Paper 52

Regional Arrangements and Security Challenges: a comparative analysis
Working Paper No : 52 (series 2)
Author(s) : Juergen Haacke and Paul D. Williams
Date : July 2009

This paper examines six major security challenges faced by a variety of regions and explores the extent and nature of regional variation. The paper analyses regional arrangements in three organisations - the African Union, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. These three organisations were chosen for their diversity of membership and institutional structure. The paper draws out the differences in responses to intrastate strife within member states and to policies for dealing with transnational challenges.

Juergen Haacke is a Senior Lecturer in International Relations a the London School of Economics with a particular interest in Asia. Paul Williams is Associate Professor of International Affairs at George Washington University where he is also Associate Director of the Security Policy Studies Program.