CSRC Working Paper 49

Conflict Early Warning and Response Mechanisms: tools for enhancing the effectiveness of regional organisations? a comparative study of the AU, ECOWAS, IGAD, ASEAN/ARF and PIF
Working Paper No : 49 (series 2)
Authors : Herbert Wulf and Tobias Debiel
Date : May 2009

This paper aims to present a systematic overview of key existing early warning response mechanisms and to analyse to what extent and under what conditions these mechanisms might be a useful peace and security promotion tool for regional organisations. It analyses the strengths and weaknesses of existing EWR mechanisms and the experience of regional organisations in implementing them, as well as examining why some regional organisations have failed to establish such mechanisms. Prof Herbert Wulf is the former director of the Bonn International Center for Conversion and is Adjunct Senior Researcher at INEF. Prof Tobias Debiel teaches international relations at the University of Duisburg-Essen and is Director of INEF. Both authors have researched and published extensively on conflict and conflict prevention, the state monopoly of force, UN peacekeeping and regional organisations.