Working Papers - Series 2

The following papers have been published during Phase 2 of the Crisis States research programme (October 2005 - September 2011):

Working Paper 89 (series 2)
'Understanding the Origins and Pace of Africa's Urban Transition'
Sean Fox  (September 2011)
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Working Paper 88 (series 2)
'Patterns of Resource Mobilisation and the Underlying Elite Bargain: drivers of state stability or state fragility
Gabi Hesselbein (July 2011)
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Working Paper 87 (series 2)
'Citizenship, the 'Right to the City' and State Fragility'
Lucy Earle  (March 2011)
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Working Paper 86 (series 2)
'Double-edged Swords: armies, elite bargaining and state-building'
Antonio Giustozzi  (February 2011)
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Working Paper 85 (series 2)
'Cities, Conflict and State Fragility'
Jo Beall, Tom Goodfellow, Dennis Rodgers  (January 2011)
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Working Paper 84 (series 2)
'Taxation, Resource Mobilisation and State Performance'
Jonathan DiJohn  (November 2010)
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Working Paper 83 (series 2)
'Drugs and (Dis)order: a study of the opium trade, political settlements and state-making in Afghanistan'
Jonathan Goodhand and David Mansfield (November 2010)
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Working Paper 82 (series 2)
'Land Conflicts in Dar es Salaam: who gains? who loses?'
Wilbard Kombe (October 2010)
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Working Paper 81 (series 2)
'The Peacemaking Effectiveness of Regional Organisations'
Laurie Nathan (October 2010)
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Working Paper 80 (series 2)
'Civilian Control of the Military in Tanzania and Zambia: explaining persistent exceptionalism'
Stefan Lindemann (September 2010)
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Working Paper 79 (series 2)
'Kyrgyzstan in Crisis: permanent revolution and the curse of nationalism'
Anna Matveeva  (September 2010)
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Working Paper 78 (series 2)
'The Political Economy of Taxation and State Resilience in Zambia since 1990'
Jonathan DiJohn (August 2010)
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Working Paper 77 (series 2)
'Inclusive Elite Bargains and Civil War Avoidance: the case of Zambia'
Stefan Lindemann (August 2010)
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Working Paper 76 (series 2)
'Exclusionary Elite Bargains and Civil War Onset: the case of Uganda'
Stefan Lindemann (August 2010)
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Working Paper 75 (series 2)
'Political Resilience against the odds: an analytical narrative on the construction and maintenance of political order in Zambia since 1960'
Jonathan DiJohn (June 2010)
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Working Paper 74 (series 2)
'Poverty is not being reduced in Mozambique'
Benedito Cunguara and Joe Hanlon (June 2010)
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Working Paper 73 (series 2)
'A Pariah in our Midst: regional organisations and the problematic of Western-designated Pariah Regimes - the cases of SADC/Zimbabwe and ASEAN/Myanmar'
Chris Alden  (May 2010)
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Working Paper 72 (series 2)
'The Political Economy of Social Violence: theory and evidence from a cross-country study'
Sean Fox and Kristian Hoelscher  (April 2010)
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Working Paper 71 (series 2)
''Some Reflections on the Notion of an 'inclusive political pact': a perspective from Ahmedabad'
Neera Chandhoke (March 2010)
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Working Paper 70 (series 2)
''The Open City: social networks and violence in Karachi'
Azmat Ali Budhani, Haris Gazdar, Sobia Ahmad Kaker, Hussain Bux Mallah
(March 2010)
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 Working Paper 69 (series 2)
'Buffer Zone, Colonial Enclave or Urban Hub? Quetta: between four regions and two wars'
Haris Gazdar, Sobia Ahmad Kaker, Irfan Khan  (February 2010)
[abstract]  [pdf]

Working Paper 68 (series 2)
'Nationalism, Urban Poverty and Identity in Maputo, Mozambique'
Jason Sumich (February 2010)
[abstract]  [pdf]

Working Paper 67 (series 2)
'The Bastard Child of Nobody?: anti-planning and the institutional crisis in contemporary Kampala'
Tom Goodfellow  (February 2010)
[abstract]  [pdf]

Working Paper 66 (series 2)
'Negotiating with the Taliban: toward a solution for the Afghan conflict'
Talatbek Masadykov, Antonion Giustozzi, James Michael Page
[abstract]  [pdf]

Working Paper 65 (series 2)
'Armed Conflict, Crime and Social Protest in South Bolivar, Colombia (1996-2004)'
Gonzalo Vargas  (December 2009)
[abstract]  [pdf]

Working Paper 64 (series 2)
'Civil Society in Conflict Cities: the case of Ahmedabad'
Neera Chandhoke  (November 2009)
[abstract]  [pdf]

Working Paper 63 (series 2)
'The Changing Cross-border Trade Dynamics between north-weatern Uganda, north-eastern Congo and southern Sudan'
Kristof Titeca  (November 2009)
[abstract]  [pdf]

Working Paper 62 (series 2)
'The Eye of the Storm: cities in the vortex of Afghanistan's civil wars'
Antonio Giustozzi  (November 2009)
[abstract]  [pdf]

Working Paper 61 (series 2)
'The City as Frontier: urban development and identity processes in Goma'
Koen Vlassenroot and Karen Buescher  (November 2009)
[abstract]  [pdf]

Working Paper 60 (series 2)
'Urban Politics, Conspiracy and Reform in Nampula, Mozambique'
Jason Sumich  (November 2009)
[abstract]  [pdf]

Working Paper 59 (series 2)
Peacemaking in the Midst of War: an assessment of IGAD's contribution to regional security'
Author: Sally Healy  (November 2009)
[abstract] [pdf]


Working Paper 58 (series 2)
'The Quandaries of Coding and Ranking: evaluating poor state performance indexes'
Francisco Gutierrez Sanin  (November 2009)
[Abstract] [pdf]

Working Paper 57 (series 2)
'The African Union as Security Actor: African Solutions to African Problems?'
Bjorn Moller  (August 2009)
[Abstract]  [pdf]

Working Paper 56 (series 2)
Africa's Sub-regional Organisations: seamless web or patchwork?'
Bjorn Moller  (August 2009)
[Abstract] [pdf]

Working Paper 55 (series 2)
Indigenous Institutions, Traditional Leaders and Elite Coalitions for Development: the case of Greater Durban, South Africa'
Jo Beall and Mduduzi Ngonyama  (July 2009)
[Abstract] [pdf]

Working Paper 54 (series 2)
The Congolese Elite and the Fragmented City: the struggle for the emergence of a dominant class in Kinshasa'
William Freund  (August 2009)
[Abstract] [pdf]

Working Paper 53 (series 2)
'Portrait of Kinshasa: a city on (the) edge'
Pascal Kapagama and Rachel Waterhouse  (July 2009)
[Abstract] [pdf]

Working Paper 52 (series 2)
'Regional Arrangements and Security Challenges: a comparative analysis'
Juergen Haacke and Paul D. Williams  (July 2009)
[Abstract] [pdf]

Working Paper 51 (series 2)
'The Dissipation of Political Capital among Afghanistan's Hazaras: 2001-2009'
Niamatullah Ibrahimi  (June 2009)
[Abstract] [pdf]

Working Paper 50 (series 2)
Force and Ambiquity: evaluating sources for cross-national research - the case of military interventions'
Francisco Gutierrez Sanin and Andrea Gonzalez Sanin  (June 2009)
[Abstract] [pdf]

Working Paper 49 (series 2)
'Conflict Early Warning and Response Mechanisms: tools for enhancing the effectiveness of regional organisations? a comparative study of the AU, ECOWAS, IGAD, ASEAN/ARF and PIF'
Herbert Wulf and Tobias Debial  (May 2009)
[Abstract] [pdf]

Working Paper 48 (series 2)
'Stupid and Expensive? a critique of the costs-of-violence literature'
Francisco Gutierrez-Sanin  (April 2009)
[Abstract] [pdf]

Working Paper 47 (series 2)
The Tormented Triangle: the regionalisation of conflict in Sudan, Chad and the Central African Republic'
Jennifer Giroux, David Lanz, Damiano Sguiatamatti  (April 2009)
[Abstract] [pdf]

Working Paper 46 (series 2)
'The Perils of Emerging Statehood: civil war and state reconstruction in Tajikistan'
Anna Matveeva (March 2009)
[Abstract] [pdf]

Working Paper 45 (series 2)
'Nothing but failure? the Arab League and the Gulf Cooperation Council as mediators in Middle Eastern conflicts'
Marco Pinfari  (March 2009)
[Abstract] [pdf]

Working Paper 44 (series 2)
'Politics and Security in Three Colombian Cities'
Francisco Gutierrez Sanin, Maria Teresa Pinto, Juan Carlos Arenas, Tania Guzman, Maria Teresa Gutierrez  (March 2009)
[Abstract] [pdf]

Working Paper 43 (series 2)
'Who governs Kabul? explaining urban politics in a post-war capital city'
Daniel Esser (February 2009)
[abstract]  [pdf]

Working Paper 42 (series 2)
'Divide and Rule: state penetration in Hazarajat (Afghanistan) from monarchy to the Taliban'
Niamatullah Ibrahimi  (January 2009)
[abstract]  [pdf]

Working Paper 41 (series 2)
'At the sources of factionalism and civil war in Hazarajat'
Niamatullah Ibrahimi  (January 2009)
[abstract]  [pdf]

Working Paper 40 (series 2)
'Afghanistan: transition without end: an analytical narrative of state-making'
Antonio Giustozzi  (November 2008)
[abstract]  [pdf]

Working Paper 39 (series 2)
'The SCO: a regional organisation in the making'
Anna Matveeva  and Antonio Giustozzi (Setember 2008)
[abstract]  [pdf]

Working Paper 38 (series 2)
'The UN Peacebuilding Commission and the dissemination of international norms'
Rob Jenkins  (June 2008)
[abstract]  [pdf]

Working Paper 37 (series 2)
'An Illness Called Managua'
Dennis Rodgers  (May 2008)
[abstract]  [pdf]

Working Paper 36 (series 2)
'Gulu Town in war.... and peace?  displacement, humanitarianism and post-war crisis'
Adam Branch  (April 2008)
[abstract]  [pdf]

Working Paper 35 (series 2)
Creole and Tribal Designs: Dar es Salaam and Kampala as Ethnic Cities in Coalescing Nation States 
Deborah Fahy Bryceson  (April 2008)
[Abstract] [pdf]

Working Paper 34 (series 2)
Does the Organisation of American States Matter?
Monica Herz (April 2008) 
[Abstract] [pdf]

Working Paper 33 (series 2)
Regional Organisations and Conflict Management: comparing ASEAN and SAARC: Kripa Sridharan  (March 2008)
[Abstract] [pdf]

Working Paper 32 (series 2)
State-Making and the Post-Conflict City: Integration in Dili, Disintegration in Timor-Leste
 Ben Moxham (February 2008)
[Abstract] [pdf]

Working Paper 31 (series 2)
Anti-imperialism Trumps Human Rights: South Africa's Approach to the Darfur Conflict
Laurie Nathan (February 2008)
[abstract]  [pdf]

Working Paper 30 (series 2)
European Security: The Role of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe
Bjorn Moller  (February 2008)
[Abstract] [pdf]

Working Paper 29 (series 2)
European Security: The Role of the European Union
Bjorn Moller  (February 2008)
[Abstract] [pdf]

Working Paper 28 (series 2)
Collapse, War and Reconstruction in Rwanda: An analytical narrative on state-making Frederick Golooba-Mutebi  (February 2008)
[Abstract] [pdf English] [PDF francais]

Working Paper 27 (series 2)
Collapse, War and Reconstruction in Uganda: An analytical narrative on state-making Frederick Golooba-Mutebi  (January 2008)
[Abstract] [pdf]

Working Paper 26 (series 2)
Drivers of Change in the Democratic Republic of Congo: The Rise and Decline of the State and Challenges For Reconstruction - A Literature Review
James Putzel, Stefan Lindemann and Claire Schouten  (January 2008)
[abstract] [pdf English] [ pdf francais]

Working Paper 25 (series 2)
Conceptualising the Causes and Consequences of Failed States: A Critical Review of the Literature
Jonathan Di John  (January 2008)
[abstract]  [pdf]

Working Paper 24 (series 2)
District Creation and Decentralisation in Uganda
Elliott Green  (January 2008)
[Abstract] [pdf]

Working Paper 23 (series 2)
Strong Party, Weak State? Frelimo and State Survival Through the Mozambican Civil War: an analytical narrative on state-making
Jason Sumich  (December 2007)
[Abstract] [pdf]

Working Paper 22 (series 2)
Policing, Regime Change, and Democracy: Reflections from the Case of Mexico
Diane E. Davis  (November 2007)
[Abstract] [pdf]

Working Paper 21 (series 2)
The Rise and Decline of the Congolese State: an analytical narrative on state-making Gabi Hesselbein  (November 2007)
[Abstract]  [English PDF]  [French PDF]

Working Paper 20 (series 2)
RoboWar TM Dreams: Global South Urbanisation and the US Military's "Revolution in Military Affairs"
Stephen Graham  (November 2007)
[Abstract] [PDF]

Working Paper 19 (series 2)
Violent Liberalism? State, Conflict and Political Regime in Colombia, 1930-2006: an analytical narrative on state-making
Francisco Gutierrez Sanin, Tatiana Acevedo and Juan Manuel Viatela (Nov 2007)[Abstract] [PDF]

Working Paper 18 (series 2)
The State and the Informal in Sub-Saharan African Economies: Revisiting Debates on Dualism
Deborah Potts  (October 2007)
[Abstract] [PDF]

Working Paper 17 (series 2)
Comparative Research on Contested Cities: Lenses and Scaffoldings
Scott Bollens  (October 2007)
[Abstract]   [PDF]

Working Paper 16 (series 2)
The Illegitimacy of Democracy? Democratisation and Alienation in Maputo, Mozambique
Jason Sumich  (September 2007)
[Abstract] [PDF]

Working Paper 15 (series 2)
Municipal Finance Systems in Conflict Cities: case studies on Ahmedabad and Srinagar, India
Pritha Venkatachalam  (July 2007)
[Abstract] [PDF]

Working Paper 14 (series 2)
Understanding State-Building and Local Government in Afghanistan
Sarah Lister   (May 2007)
[Abstract] [PDF]

Working Paper 13 (series 2)
The Regionalist Project in Central Asia: Unwilling Playmates
Anna Matveeva  (March 2007)
[Abstract] [PDF]

Working Paper 12 (series 2)
Making Law in Rural East Africa: SunguSungu in Kenya
Suzette Heald  (March 2007)
[Abstract] [PDF]

Working Paper 11 (series 2)
The Missing Ingredient: Non-Ideological Insurgency and State Collapse in Western Afghanistan, 1979-1992
Antonio Giustozzi  (February 2007)
[Abstract] [PDF]

Working Paper 10 (series 2)
Slum Wars of the 21st Century: the New Geography of Conflict in Central America Dennis Rodgers  (February 2007)
[Abstract] [PDF]

Working Paper 9 (series 2)
Cities, Terrorism and Urban Wars of the 21st Century
Jo Beall   (February 2007)
[Abstract] [PDF]

Working Paper 8 (series 2)
Identifying Fraud in Democratic Elections: a Case Study of the 2004 Presidential Election in Mozambique
Joe Hanlon and Sean Fox  (December 2006)
[Abstract] [PDF]

Working Paper 7 (series 2)
"Tribes" and Warlords in Southern Afghanistan, 1980-2005
Antonio Giustozzi  (September 2006)
[Abstract] [PDF]

Working Paper 6 (series 2)
The Failure of a Clerical Proto-State: Hazarajat, 1979 - 1984
Niamatullah Ibrahimi  (September 2006)
[Abstract] [PDF]

Working Paper 5 (series 2)
No Ownership, No Peace: the Darfur Peace Agreement
Laurie Nathan  (September 2006)
[Abstract] [PDF]

Working Paper 4 (series 2)
Genesis of a 'Prince': the Rise of Ismail Khan in Western Afghanistan, 1979-1992 Antonio Giustozzi  (September 2006)
[Abstract] [PDF]

Working Paper 3 (series 2)
Economic and Political Foundations of State-Making in Africa: Understanding State Reconstruction
Frederick Golooba Mutebi, Gabi Hesselbein and James Putzel  (July 2006)
[Abstract] [PDF - English] [PDF- Francais]

Working Paper 2 (series 2)
Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration of Ex-combatants (DDR) in Afghanistan: constraints and limited capabilities
Simonetta Rossi & Antonio Giustozzi   (June 2006)
[Abstract] [PDF]

Working Paper 1 (series 2)
War, State Collapse and Reconstruction: Phase 2 of the Crisis States Programme James Putzel  (May 2006)
[Abstract] [PDF]