CSRC Occasional Papers

Occasional Paper 10
Overview of the Municipal Finance System in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania'
Pritha Venkatachalam  (November 2009)
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Occasional Paper 9
'Economic Initiatives to Tackle Conflict:  bringing politics back in'
David Keen  (May 2009)
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Occasional Paper 8
'Guarding the State, or Protecting the Economy?  the economic factors of Pakistan's military coups'
Amina Ibrahim  (May 2009)
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Occasional Paper 7
'Tribal Security Systems (Arbakai) in Southeast Afghanistan'
Mohammed Osman Tariq  (December 2008)
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Occasional Paper 6
'Capital Cities in Civil Wars:  the locational dimension of sovereign authority'
Marika Landau-Wells  (April 2008)
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Occasional Paper 5
'Domestic Ownership or Foreign Control?  a content analysis of poverty reduction strategy papers from eight countries'
Marte Briseid, Laura Collinson, Richard L. Klein, Agathe Schjetlein (March 2008)
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Occasional Paper 4
'Beyond Beirut: why reconstruction in Lebanon did not contribute to state-making and stability'
Kathrin Hoeckel  (July 2007)
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Occasional Paper 3
'Sudan: international dimensions to the state and its crisis'
Alex de Waal  (April 2007)
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Occasional Paper 2
'Sudan: what kind of state?  What kind of crisis?
Alex de Waal  (April 2007)
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Occasional Paper 1
'On the Death Toll in Iraq since 1990'
Tim Dyson  (December 2006)
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