Journal Articles

This page lists Journal Articles published by members of the Crisis States Programme since 2001.  The programme is funded by UKaid from the Department for International Development but the views expressed in these articles do not necessarily reflect the Department's official policies.

 African Renaissance
Vol 1(3), 2004
"An Uncommon Approach to Common Security in Southern Africa"  (Laurie Nathan)  

African Security Review
Vol 18 (1) 2009
"Lighting up the intelligence community: an agenda for intelligence reform in South Africa"  (Laurie Nathan)

African Sociological Review
Vol 11 (2) 2007
"Shopping for health: affliction and response in a South African Village"  (Frederick Golooba Mutebi)

 Afriche e Orienti
Vol 4, 2005
"Afghanistan: elezioni al buio" (Antonio Giustozzi)

Vol 1, 2008
"L'alba di un tramonto? La guerra in nord Uganda e le prospettive di pace e giustizia" (Giovanni Carbone)

Analisis Politico
No.50, 2004
"Democracia, Economia y Conflicto en el Ecuador" (Francisco Gutierrez Sanin)

Vol 19 (57)
"Cleavages in the Colombian political system" (Francisco Gutierrez Sanin)

Vol 21 (62)
"Olivos y aceitunas?: los partidos políticos colombianos y sus bases sociales en la primera mitad del siglo XX " (Francisco Gutierrez Sanin with J.M. Viatela, T. Acevedo)

Bulletin of Latin American Research
Vol 27 (4) 2007
"Researching youth violence in contemporary Central America: aporias, dilemmas and innovations" (Dennis Rodgers, with G.A. Jones)

Vol 27 (4) 2007
"Joining the gang and becoming a 'broder': the violence of ethnography in contemporary Nicaragua" (Dennis Rodgers)

Central Asian Survey
Vol 28 (1) 2009
"Centre-periphery relations in Afghanistan: Badakhshan between patrimonialism and institution-building"  (Antonio Giustozzi, with D. Orsini)

Vol 21 (4), 2004
"Gender and Integrated Area-development lessons from Cato Manor, Durban" (Jo Beall, with A. Todes)  

Conflict, Security and Development
Vol 8 (2) 2008
"Bureaucratic facade and political realities of disarmament and demobilisation in Afghanistan" (Antonio Giustozzi)

Vol 8 (1) 2008
"Rediscovering Europe? the aid dilemmas during and after the Plan Colombia" (Francisco Gutierrez)

Contemporary Security Policy
Vol 30 (1) 2009
"AFRICOM: a threat to Africa's security"  (Laurie Nathan)

Development and Change
Vol 40 (5) 2009
"Slum wars of the 21st century: gangs, 'mano dura' and the new geography of conflict in Central America" (Dennis Rodgers)

Vol: forthcoming
"Party, class and the state: social stratification and state-building in Mozambique" (Jason Sumich)

Economic and Political Weekly
Vol XL1 (9) 2006
"Electoral politics in post-conflict societies: the case of Punjab" (Neera Chandhoke, Praveen Priyadarshi)

Environment and Urbanization
Vol 14(1), 2002
"Globalization and Social Exclusion in Cities: framing the debate with lessons from Africa and Asia" (Jo Beall)

Vol 16 (2), 2004
"Crime (counter)insurgency and the privatization of security: the case of Medellin, Colombia" (Francisco Gutierrez Sanin)

"Disembedding the city: crime, insecurity and spatial organization in Managua, Nicaragua"  (Dennis Rodgers)

 European Journal of Development Research
Vol 21 (1) 2009
"Has the wheel turned full circle?"  (Neera Chandhoke)

Vol 22 (1) 2010
"The concept, causes and consequences of state failure: a critical review of the literature and agenda for research with specific reference to sub-Saharan Africa"   (Jonathan DiJohn)

Vol - forthcoming 2011
"State Failure and Fragility Indexes: a critical view"  (Francisco Gutierrez Sanin)

 E uropean Journal of International Relations
Vol 12 (2) 2006
"Domestic instability and security communities" (Laurie Nathan)

Europe-Asia Studies
Vol 61 (7) 2009
"Legitimising Central Asian authoritarianism: political manipulation and symbolic power"  (Anna Matveeva)

Harvard International Review
Vol 29 (4) 2008
"The Slippery Road: the imperative for state formation"  (Gabi Hesselbein)

International Affairs
Vol 86 (2), 2005
"Consistencies and inconsistencies in South Africa's foreign policy in Africa" (Laurie Nathan)

 International Affairs
Vol 81 (2), 2005
"Consistency and inconsistencies in South African Foreign Policy" (Laurie Nathan)

Vol 86 (1), 2010
"Intelligence bound: the South African constitution and intelligence services" (Laurie Nathan)

International Development Planning Review
Vol 26 (4), 2004
"Navigating Tradition: traditional authorities and governance in eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality, S Africa" (Jo Beall, with S. Mkhize and S. Vawda)

 International Planning Studies
Vol 6(4), 2001
"Valuing Social Resources or Capitalising on them? the limits to pro-poor urban governance in 9 cities of the south" (Jo Beall)

International Peacekeeping Journal
Vol 14 (1), 2007
"War and peace economies of Afghanistan's strongmen" (Antonio Giustozzi)

International Political Science Review
Vol 26(1), 2005
"Economic Liberalisation as Catalyst to increases in political instability and decreases in state capacity: the case of Venezuela, 1988-1998" (Jonathan DiJohn)

"Fragile Democracy and Schizophrenic Liberalism: exit, voice and loyalty in the Andes"  (Francisco Gutierrez Sanin)

"Globalization, liberalization and prospects for the state"  (James Putzel)

 Journal of Democracy
Vol 20(2) 2009
"The Consequences of democratization"  (Giovanni Carbone)

Journal of Development Studies
Vol 43(3) 2007
"Each to their own: ethnographic notes on the economic organization of poor households in Nicaragua"  (Dennis Rodgers)

Vol 44 (2), 2008
"The Fiction of Development"  (Dennis Rodgers, with D. Lewis and M. Woolcock) Vol: forthcoming

"Governing chronic poverty in Uganda: the case of NUSAF"  (Frederick Golooba Mutebi, with S. Hickey)

 Journal of Economics of Peace and Security
Vol 2 (1) 2007
"The privatizing of war and security in Afghanistan: future or dead end?" (Antonio Giustozzi)

Journal of Ethnopolitics
Vol 6 (4) 2007
"The failure of the Darfur mediation"  (Laurie Nathan)

 Journal of International Affairs
Vol 57(1), 2004
"Institutionalising global wars: state transformation in Colombia"  (Francisco Gutierrez Sanin)

Journal of International Development
Vol 16(1) 2004
"The global fight against AIDS: how adequate are the National Commissions?"  (James Putzel)

Vol 18 (1) 2006
"On the discourse of terrorism, security and development" (Jo Beall, Tom Goodfellow, James Putzel)

"Cities, terrorism and development" (Jo Beall)
"Cracks in the US empire: unilateralism, the 'war on terror' and the developing world" (James Putzel)

 Vol 13 (7), 2001
"From Social Networks to Public Action in Urban Governance: where does benefit accrue?" (Jo Beall)

Journal of Latin American Studies
Vol 38 (2) 2006
"Living in the shadow of death: gangs, violence and social order in urban Nicaragua, 1996-2002" (Dennis Rodgers)

 Journal of Southern African Studies
Vol 36 (2) 2010 - Special Issue
"Displacing Zimbabwe: Crisis and Construction in Southern Africa" (Volume arising from a series of research events, including a workshop hosted by Jo Beall at the CSRC in September 2007)

Vol 31(4) 2005
"State and society in democratic South Africa" (Jo Beall with S.Gelb, S.Hassim)

"Emergent democracy and 'resurgent' tradition: institutions, chieftaincy and transitions in KwaZulu-Natal' (Jo Beall with S. Mkhize and S. Vawda)

Vol 32(3) 2006
"SADC's uncommon approach to common security, 1992-2003" (Laurie Nathan)

 Vol 34(1) 2008
"Politics After the Time of Hunger in Mozambique: A Critique of neo-patrimonial interpretations of elites" (Jason Sumich)

Vol: forthcoming
"Strong party, collapsing state?  Frelimo and state survival through the Mozambican civil war"  (Jason Sumich)

New Left Review
Vol 49, (Jan-Feb 2008)
"A symptom called Managua"  (Dennis Rodgers)

Outre Terre (revue francaise de geopolitique)
Vol 16 (3) 2006
"A qui est l'Afghanistan?" (Antonio Giustozzi)

Politics and Society
Vol 32 (2) 2004
"Criminal Rebels? a discussion of war and criminality from the Colombian experience"  (Francisco Gutierrez Sanin)

Vol 36(1) 2008
"Telling the difference: guerrillas and paramilitaries in the Colombian war" (Francisco Gutierrez Sanin)

Politique Africaine
Vol: forthcoming
"Savage capitalism and organ trafficking: the practice of neo-liberalism and state power in Mozambique" (Jason Sumich)

Public Administration and Development
Vol 24 (1) 2004
"The politics of action on AIDS: a case study of Uganda"  (James Putzel)

South African Journal of International Affairs
Vol 14 (1), 2007
"Africa's early warning system: an emperor without clothes?" (Laurie Nathan)

South African Review of Sociology
39 (2) 2008
"The causes of civil war: the false logic of Collier and Hoeffler" (Laurie Nathan)

Taiwan Journal of Democracy
Vol 5 (1)
"Tajikistan: stability first"  (Anna Matveeva)

Urban Studies
Vol 43(2) 2006
"Cultural weapons: traditions, inventions and the transition to democratic governance in metropolitan Durban" (Jo Beall)

World Political Science Review
Vol 3(3) 2007
"Political parties and party systems in Africa: themes and research perspectives" (Giovanni Carbone)