CSRC Discussion Papers

Discussion Paper 18
'The Sun in the Sky: the relationship between Pakistan's ISI and Afghan Insurgents'
Matt Waldman  (June 2010)
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Discussion Paper 17
Anatomy of a 'Political Chameleon': re-examining fluid shapes and solid constants of nationalism and nation-building'
Dominik Balthasar (Helling)  (November 2009)
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Discussion Paper 16
Building an Effective African Standby Force to promote African Stability, Conflict Resolution and Prosperity'
Jeffery E. Marshall  (April 2009)
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Discussion Paper 15
'Do Inclusive Elite Bargains Matter? a research framework for understanding the causes of civil war in sub-Saharan Africa'
Stefan Lindemann  (February 2008)
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Discussion Paper 14
'The Political Consequences of Ethnic Mapping'
Neera Chandhoke  (December 2005)
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Discussion Paper 13
The Debate on Warlordism: the importance of military legitimacy'
Antonio Giustozzi   (September 2005)
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Discussion Paper 12
'The Power of Justice,  Justice as Power'
Jon Lunn  (September 2005)
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Discussion Paper 11
The Frightful Inadequacy of Most of the Statistics'
Laurie Nathan  (September 2005)
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Discussion Paper 10
'Mediation and the African Union's 'Panel of the Wise'
Laurie Nathan  (July 2005)
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Discussion Paper 9
'Disrupting democracy?   altering landscapes of local government in post-2000 Zimbabwe'
Amanda Hammar  (March 2005)
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Discussion Paper 8
Media policy, Peace and State Reconstruction'
Tim Allen and Nicole Stremlau  (March 2005)
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Discussion Paper 7
The Political Impact of Globalisation and Liberalisation: evidence emerging from Crisis States research'
James Putzel  (November 2004)
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Discussion Paper 6
'Old Wine in New Bottles, or New Wine in Old? conceptualising violence and governmentality in Latin America'
Dennis Rodgers  (November 2004)
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 Discussion Paper 5
'Accounting for South Africa's Successful Transition to Democracy'
Laurie Nathan  (June 2004)
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Discussion Paper 4
'Moving Beyond 'institutions matter' : some reflections on how the 'rules of the game' evolve and change'
Manoj Srivastava  (March 2004)
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Discussion Paper 3
'Democracy in the Desert:  civil society, nation building and empire'
Jean-Paul Faguet  (January 2004)
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 Discussion Paper 2
'The 'new' imperialism and possibilities for coexistence'
James Putzel  (January 2004)
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Discussion Paper 1
'The Politics of Participation: civil society, the state, and development assistance'
James Putzel  (January 2004)
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