CSRC Briefing Paper 9

Title : The dynamics of achieving 'Power' and 'Reform'
Date : July 2003

Abstract : Based on Working Paper no.26: Manoj Srivastava, 'The Dynamics of Achieving 'Power' and 'Reform' as a Positive-sum Game: a report on the preliminary ethnographic explorations of the politics-governance nexus in Madhya Pradesh, India.' It is intended to provide a summary of the principal findings, and an indication of the implications these may have for debates over policy.

This initial report on ethnographic research into politics and governance in Madhya Pradesh (MP) is based upon preliminary interviews with a broad cross-section of the population, from policy makers down to the grassroots activists. It captures the key themes of the discourse on reforms in MP, pushed through by the State's current Chief Minister (CM); suggests an analytical framework that helps to explore how politics, reform and governance dynamically interact; and brings out some crucial concerns that are emerging surrounding reforms. It also raises important questions for furthering the research.