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Governance Research Stream

DESTIN's Governance stream includes Jo Beall, Stuart Corbridge|, Tim Forsyth|, Elliott Green|, James Putzel|, various PhD Students, and visiting colleagues with similar research interests.

Our work analyzes political crises and forms of decision-making as they concern developing countries at the global, national and sub-national levels. We focus on how decisions are made, on who gets to make decisions, on the effects of different technologies of rule, and on the possibility of implementing policy in more inclusive and effective ways. Key issues include accountability, decentralization, democratization, the building of pro-poor political coalitions, and the gendering of state and non-state modes of governance (from the United Nations to NGOs and business groups).

The work of the Governance stream complements and overlaps with other groups in DESTIN, as for example around fiscal architectures (Jean-Paul Faguet|), new management practices in multilateral development organizations (Nilima Gulrajani|), trade regimes (Ken Shadlen|), and the regulation of international finance (Robert Wade|), but some specific themes of research include: pro-poor public services, gender and urban development in Africa (Beall); right to information campaigns and technologies of governance in India (Corbridge); Chinese development policies in the ethnic minority provinces of Western China (Fischer); environmental governance, climate change and multi-sector participation (Forsyth); ethnic conflict, nationalism and governance in East Africa (Green); states under stress and the politics of post-war state reconstruction (Putzel).

Members of the Governance stream have consulted regularly for a large number of international development agencies, national governments and non-governmental organizations and campaigning groups.