Staff Contacts

Dr Ali Ali
Post-doctoral Research Officer
Tel: 020 7955 6600|

Dr Ruben Andersson
Post-doctoral Fellow  |
Personal web page|

Dr Vesna Bojicic-Dzelilovic
Senior Research Fellow|

Pippa Bore
Research Programme Administrator
Tel: 0207 106 1299|

Professor Mary Kaldor   CBE
Director, Civil Society and Human Security Research Unit|

Dr Denisa Kostovicova
Senior Research Fellow|

Tamsin Murray-Leach
Managing Editor and Project Manager
Tel: 0207 955 7434|

Dr Iavor Rangelov
Research Fellow|

Dr Johannes Rieken
Research Officer|

Dr Sabine Selchow
Research Fellow| |

Dominika Spyratou
Unit Manager and Assistant to Mary Kaldor
Tel: 0207 955 6419|

Visiting researchers

Visiting Professors

Professor Saskia Sassen
Professor Ruti Teitel

Senior Visiting Fellows

Dr Geoffrey Pleyers
Major General Andy Salmon
Ambassador Francesc Vendrell

Visiting Fellows

Dr Diego Muro
Robin Murray
Dr Heba Raouf
Dr Pavel Seifter
Dr Rim Turkmani
Dr Sharon Weill
Dr Maung Zarni|
Zarni's media page|


Dr Armine Ishkanian 
Dr Mary Martin
Dr Massoumeh Torfeh

PhD Scholars

Anouk Rigterink
Alaa Tartir
Sam Vincent