European Alternatives?

17 January 2012 - The Civil Society and Human Security Research Unit are working on a new project to map pro, anti and alternative European initiatives emerging from social and political movements in Europe. We believe that no single group of researchers can possibly tap into the wealth of rapidly changing developments in contemporary Europe, and that in order to capture a snapshot of the current situation, it is necessary to draw on the knowledge of many.

We are lucky at the LSE to have an extremely geographically diverse and well-informed student body, and so are asking our students to turn reporters: we have established a information-gathering platform on our Global Civil Society website and invite LSE students to visit us at| post information about any new European initiatives coming out of civil society, social movements, think tanks, or other organisations proposing solutions for Europe, or those taking a particularly anti-European stance. All information posted will feed into the project, with the potential for a number of students to develop their posts into more in-depth research to be published at a later date.