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New policy brief on rethinking EU justice launched in Brussels

10 May 2011 - Dr Iavor Rangelov launched his new policy brief A regional approach to justice? Rethinking EU justice in conflict and transition| at a top think tank in Brussels.

Speaking at the European Policy Centre (EPC), Dr Rangelov joined a distinguished panel of speakers to promote the Coalition for RECOM: a major regional, bottom-up initiative set up in 2008 to mobilise support for the establishment of a regional truth commission in the countries of the former Yugoslavia. 

The proposed commission (RECOM) would be mandated to establish the facts of war crimes and resolve the problem of the remaining 17,000 missing persons from the Balkan wars in the nineties. The Coalition for RECOM has conducted hundreds of consultations with civil society actors across the region, including many survivors of atrocities, and most recently has launched a public campaign to collect one million signatures from citizens.

In the policy brief, Dr Rangelov - a former visiting fellow of the EPC and Co-Chair of the London Transitional Justice Network - argues that the EU's experience in the Balkans shows both the need for a regional justice approach and its promise.

'The EU has become an important player in global efforts to bring justice to victims of human rights abuse in conflict and transition. But the EU could really add value in the justice field by drawing on its experience in the Balkans to pioneer a regional approach to justice for mass atrocity and abuse,' he says.

Further information about the RECOM campaign can be found on Facebook.|

Iavor Rangelov speaking at the EPC in Brussels
Dr Iavor Rangelov (far left) at the European Policy Centre, Brussels