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Brexit Britain: What went wrong and what next? 

Organised by Another Europe Is Possible, Open Democracy, Democracy in Europe 2025, and the LSE Civil Society and Human Security Research Unit.

Date: Saturday, 8 October 2016
Time: 11.00am-5.00pm
Venue: Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building

The left overwhelmingly backed an ‘In’ vote in the EU referendum, but we weren’t able to persuade a majority of the British public to support case. Now it’s time to reflect and regroup.

What stance should we take towards the negotiations? What does the exit vote mean for the huge strains that years of austerity have put on the European project? How do we defend free movement while engaging the public?

Speakers include: 

  • Yanis Varoufakis, Democracy in Europe Movement  
  • Owen Jones, writer   
  • Marina Prentoulis, Syriza  
  • Amelia Womack, Green Party 
  • Ash Sarkar, Novara Media 
  • And more 

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Twitter Hashtag for this event: #LSEBrexit 



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