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The Global Civil Society Yearbook is an annual investigation of the ideas, debates, campaigns and actors of global civil society. First published in 2001, it has established itself as an authoritative source of knowledge and ideas on this contested topic, leading the way in studying global politics and change 'from below'.

The Yearbook is a collaborative project, in which academic analysis is interlinked with activist perspectives. Over the past decade, it has become known for its high calibre contributors: renowned scholars such as Mary Kaldor, Meghnad Desai, John Keane, Helmut Anheier, Abdullahi AnNa'im, Ulrich Beck and Richard Falk, brought together with emerging voices in the field.

Written in an accessible style, addressing both conceptual questions and contemporary events and issues, and complemented with a wealth of case studies and data, the Yearbook is not only an essential volume for students and researchers across the disciplines – from sociology, anthropology, development and international relations to economics and international law – but an indispensible handbook for practitioners and activists.  

The yearbook has been translated into Spanish, Catalan, Korean and Hungarian. Les Éditions Charles Léopold Mayer have produced a French omnibus edition. An Arabic translation and companion edition is currently in production, in association with the University of Cairo. The yearbook won a prize for the best Social Science publication of the year in South Korea and an Israeli prize for Third Sector research.

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Global Civil Society 2012: Ten Years of Critical Reflection|
(note: due to publishing restrictions, chapter PDFs are not yet available online)

Global Civil Society 2011: Globality and the Absence of Justice|
(note: due to publishing restrictions, chapter PDFs are not yet available online) 

Global Civil Society 2009: Poverty and Activism|

Global Civil Society 2007/8: Communicative Power and Democracy|

Global Civil Society 2006/7|

Global Civil Society 2005/6|

Global Civil Society 2004/5 |

Global Civil Society 2003|

Global Civil Society 2002|

Global Civil Society 2001|