Global Civil Society 2009

Global Civil Society 2009

Ashwani Kumar, Jan Aart Scholte, Mary Kaldor, Marlies Glasius, Hakan Seckinelgin, Helmut Anheier (eds).
London: Sage, 2009.
Global Civil Society 2009 explores the framing, strategies and impacts of various actors in global civil society on poverty and its eradication. Click on the chapters below to open up pdfs.


Mary Kaldor, Ashwani Kumar and Hakan Seckinelgin

CHAPTER 1: Poverty Discourses and Global Civil Society
|Harsh Mander, Virginius Xaxa, Lakshmi Lingam and Amita Bhide

CHAPTER 2: Global Poverty Statistics and Civil Society
|Sally Stares

CHAPTER 3: Bringing Justice and Culture Back in: Global Action for Local Livelihoods
|Smitu Kothari

CHAPTER 4: Global Organisation in Civil Society: the Effects on Poverty|
Jan Aart Scholte and Jill Timms

CHAPTER 5: Global Civil Society and Budget Participation|
Celine Tan

CHAPTER 6: Faith-based Action in Development and Humanitarian Work
|Khaled Mansour and Heba Raouf Ezzat

CHAPTER 7: Living in the Shadows: Injustice, Racism and Poverty in the Indian Diaspora
|Vinay Lal

CHAPTER 8: Economic Migrants, the Banana Supply Chain, and the London Living Wage: Three Cases of Global Civil Society Activism on Poverty
|Laurie Berg & Anna Samson, Pamela K Robinson and Jane Wills

CHAPTER 9: Viewing Restricted: [Re]Presenting Poverty
Jessica Dimmock, Mishka Henner, Sharron Lovell, Subhash Sharma and Ali Taptik

CHAPTER 10: Global Civil Society Forums and Poverty
|Jan Aart Scholte, Renate Bloem, Richard Samans, Kumi Naidoo, Chantana Banpasirichote Wungaeo, Virginia Vargas, Barry Aminata Touré and Chandan Sengupta

Marlies Glasius and Jan Aart Scholte

Introducing Futures Research: Forecasting and Scenarios|
Helmut Anheier and Hagai Katz

Data programme|