Global Civil Society 2006-2007

Global Civil Society 2006/7

Glasius, Marlies, Mary Kaldor and Helmut Anheier (eds.).

London: Sage, 2005.


Introduction: Violence and the Possibility of Global Civility
|by Martin Albrow and Helmut Anheier

Part 1: Concepts

CHAPTER 1:  'Not Even a Tree': Delegitimising Violence and the Prospects for
Pre-emptive Civility
|by Heba Raouf Ezzat and Mary Kaldor

CHAPTER 2: Bringing Violence 'Back Home': Gender Socialisation and the Transmission of Violence through Time and Space
|by Jenny Pearce

Part 2: Issues

CHAPTER 3: Pipe Dream or Panacea? Global Civil Society and Economic and Social Rights
|by Marlies Glasius

CHAPTER 4: War and Peace: The Role of Global Civil Society
|by Mary Kaldor, Denisa Kostovicova and Yahia Said

CHAPTER 5: Water: a Global Contestation
|Edited by Willemijn Dicke and Fiona Holland with contributions from Patrick Bond, Fadia Daibes-Murad, Sanjeev Khagram, Alessandro Palmieri, Carlos B Vainer, Zoe Wilson and Patricia Wouters

Part 3: Infrastructure

CHAPTER 6: The Church, the Mosque, and Global Civil Society
|by Mark Juergensmeyer

CHAPTER 7: The Odd Couple: Football and Global Civil Society
|by David Goldblatt

Part 4: Records

Fuzzy Set Approaches to the Study of Global Civil Society
|by Hagai Katz, Helmut Anheier and Marcus Lam

Data Programme