Global Civil Society 2005-2006

Global Civil Society Yearbook 05-06

Glasius, Marlies, Mary Kaldor and Helmut Anheier (eds.)
London: Sage, 2005.


by Marlies Glasius, Mary Kaldor, and Helmut Anheier

Part 1: Concepts

CHAPTER 1: Gender and Civil Society
|by Jude Howell

CHAPTER 2: The World Social Forum: Where Do We Stand and Where Are We Going?|
by Francisco Whitaker; Boaventura de Sousa Santos; Bernard Cassen

Part 2: Issues

CHAPTER 3: Climate for Change? Civil Society and the Politics of Global Warming
|by Peter Newell

CHAPTER 4: The Movement of Labour and Global Civil Society
|by Meghnad Desai

CHAPTER 5: Reforming the United Nations: Global Civil Society Perspectives and Initiatives
|by Richard Falk

Part 3: Infrastructure

CHAPTER 6: Social Forums: Radical Beacon or Strategic Infrastructure?
|by Marlies Glasius and Jill Timms

CHAPTER 7: Global Connectedness: the Structure of Transnational NGO Networks
|by Hagai Katz and Helmut Anheier

CHAPTER 8: Electronic Communication and Socio-Political Mobilization: A New Form of Civil Society
|by Manuel Castells, Mireia Fernandez-Ardevol, Jack Linchuan Qiu and Araba Sey

Part 4: Records

Learning from History? Comparative-Historical Methods and Researching Global Civil Society
|by Helmut Anheier and Hagai Katz

Data Programme|

Glossary of Terms|

Chronology of Global Civil Society Events|