Global Civil Society 2001


Global Civil Society Yearbook 2001

Anheier, Helmut, Marlies Glasius and Mary Kaldor (eds.)

Oxford University Press, 2001.



Part 1: Concepts

CHAPTER 1:  Introducing Global Civil Society
|by Helmut Anheier, Marlies Glasius and Mary Kaldor

CHAPTER 2:  Global Civil Society?
|by John Keane

Part 2: Issues

CHAPTER 3: The New Anti-Capitalist Movement: Money and Global Civil Society|
by Yahia Said and Meghnad Desai
CHAPTER 4: Dig It Up: Global Civil Society's Responses to Plant Biotechnology|
by Diane Osgood

CHAPTER 5: A Decade of Humanitarian Intervention: The Role of Global Civil Society
|by Mary Kaldor

Part 3: Infrastructure

CHAPTER 6: Contested Space: The Internet and Global Civil Society
|by John Naughton

CHAPTER 7: Parallel Summits of Global Civil Society|
by Mario Pianta

CHAPTER 8: Funding of Global Civil Society Organisations
|by Frances Pinter

Part 4: Record

Measuring Global Civil Society
by Helmut Anheier
Table Programme 1|

Table Programme 2|


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