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Working Papers

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The Working Paper series is made up of contributions from academic staff in International Development (formerly DESTIN), PhD students, and visiting fellows. 

To be included within the series, please send manuscripts to Dipa Patel in the International Development Office (, along with an abstract of 150-200 words and up to six keywords. The ID Working Paper editorial team will endeavour to process your submission within three weeks.

(MSc prizewinning dissertations, which were previously published as part of the Working Paper series, now have a dedicated page.)

You can view, print, or download the full text of the papers below in PDF format using Adobe Reader, which is freely available to download.


  • WP184 (2017) JUST LIKE BOLIVIAStructural Change and Political Disintegration in the West 
    Prof. Jean-Paul Faguet

  • WP183 (2017) On the ‘Holy Poor’: from the Hebrew Bible to the literature of developing countries, 1945 - 
    David Aberbach

  • WP182 (2017) The Political Economy of Import Substitution in the 21st Century: The Challenge of Recapturing the Domestic Market in Rwanda                         Pritish Behuria

  • WP181 (2017) The Paradox of Land Reform, Inequality and Development in Colombia                                                                                                              
    Prof. Jean-Paul Faguet, Fabio Sanchez and Marta Juanita Villaveces

  • WP180 (2017) REVOLUTION FROM BELOW: The Rise of Local Politics and the Fall of Bolivia’s Party System 
    Prof. Jean-Paul Faguet

  • WP179 (2016) Managing Water (In)security in Brazil- Lessons from a Megacity           
    Dr Claudia de Andrade Melim McLeod 

  • WP178 (2016) Land Politics under Kenya's New Constitution: Counties, Devolution, and the National Land 
    Dr Catherine Boone, Alex Dyzenhaus, Seth Ouma, James Kabugu Owino, Catherine Gateri, Achiba Gargule, Jackie Klopp, and Ambreena Manji

  • WP177 (2016) What causes inequity in access to publicly funded health services that are supposedly free at the point of use? A case of user fee exemptions for older people in Senegal                                                                                             Dr Philipa Mladovsky and  Maymouna Bâ
  • WP176 (2016) Explaining Aid (In)Effectiveness: The Political Economy of Aid Relationships                                                                                                             Prof. E.A.Brett 
  • WP175 (2016) The TPP and the digital trade agenda: digital industrial policy and Silicon Valley’s influence on new trade agreement                                                     
    Dr Shamel Azmeh and Dr Christopher Foster
  •  WP174 (2015) Land and Property Institutions: endogenous origins and equilibrium effects
    Prof. Catherine Boone
  • WP173 (2015) Decentralizing for a Deeper Democracy and a More Supple State
    Prof. Jean-Paul Faguet, Dr Ashley M. Fox, and Dr Caroline Pöschl
  • WP172 (2015) Captured Countryside? Stability and Change in Sub-national Support for African Incumbent Parties
    Prof. Catherine Boone and Dr Michael Wahman
  • WP171 (2015) Building Security, Justice and Public Authority in Weak States: contested transitions, unstable social orders and institutional hybridity
    Prof. E.A. Brett
  • WP170 (2015) Instrumental Incoherence in Institutional Reform: Decentralization and a Structural Solution to Political Exigency
    Prof. Jean-Paul Faguet and Dr Mahvish Shami
  • WP169 (2015) Transformation from Below in Bolivia and Bangladesh: Decentralization, Local Governance, and Systemic Change
    Prof. Jean-Paul Faguet
  • WP168 (2015) The Democratic Contribution of Participatory Budgeting
    Prof. Yves Cabannes (UCL) and Dr Barbara Lipietz (UCL)
  • WP159 (2014) Reframing African Political Economy: Clientelism, Rents and Accumulation as Drivers of Capitalist Transformation
    Dr Hazel Gray and Dr Lindsay Whitfield

Archive (2000-2013)

Listed alphabetically.

WP08 (2000) Dropping the Debt for the New Millennium: Is it such a good idea?
Allen, Tim and Diana Weinhold

WP11 (2001) Coping with environmental change: the experience of Somali refugee women in a West London housing estate
Atubo, Mildred R., and Simon P. J. Batterbury

WP27 (2002) Globalisation and Social Exclusion in Cities: Framing the Debate with Lessons from Africa and Asia
Beall, Jo

WP44 (2003) Is there a development case for United Nations-business partnerships?
Beausang, Franscesca

WP06 (2000) Regional distribution Dynamics of GDPs across Indian States, 1965-1988
Bandyopadhyay, Sanghamitra

WP02 (2000) Development Theory, Universal Values and Competing Paradigms: Capitalist trajectories and social conflict
Brett, E.A.

WP05 (2000) Children in Extreme Situations: Proceedings from the 1998 Alistair Berkley Memorial Lecture.
Carlson, Lisa, Megan Mackeson-Sandbach, and Tim Allen (eds.)

WP130 (2012) Social Welfare, Health and Pharmaceutical Industry: preliminary notes for a comparative analysis between England, Brazil, and Argentina.
Delgado, Ignacio Godinho

WP82 (2007) A Tale of Two Upazilas: Local Governance and Social Development in Bangladesh
Faguet, Jean-Paul, Zulfiqar Ali

WP60 (2005) Decentralising Bolivia: Local Government in the Jungle
Faguet, Jean-Paul

WP59 (2005) Social Funds and Decentralization: Optimal Institutional Design
Faguet, Jean-Paul

WP39 (2002) A Model of Central vs Decentralized Government: Self-Interest and Mis-Allocation in Bolivia
Faguet, Jean-Paul

WP38 (2002) The Determinants of Central vs Local Government Investment: Institutions and Politics Matter
Faguet, Jean-Paul

WP90 (2008) Resolving the Theoretical Ambiguities of Social Exclusion with reference to Polarisation and Conflict
Fischer, Andrew

WP75 (2006) Subsistence Capacity: The commodification of labour re-examined through the case of Tibet
Fischer, Andrew

WP146 (PDF) The Political Economy of Slums: Theory and Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
Fox, Sean

WP30 (2003) Rural Livelihoods, Institutions and Vulnerability in South Africa
Francis, Elizabeth

WP122 (2011) Explaining African Ethnic Diversity
Green, Elliott D

WP111 (2010) The Political Demography of Conflict in Modern Africa
Green, Elliott D

WP58 (2005) Ethnicity and the Politics of Land Tenure Reform in Central Uganda 
Green, Elliott D

WP57 (2005) What is an Ethnic Group? Political Economy, Constructivism and the Common Language Approach to Ethnicity 
Green, Elliott D

WP99 (2009) The future of Development Management: Examining possibilities and potential
Gulrajani, Nilima

WP72 (2005) Middle Class Activism and Poor People's Politics: An exploration of Civil Society in Chennai
Harriss, John

WP45 (2003) India: The Bitter Fruits of Grandiose Ambition
Harriss, John

WP35 (2002) On Trust, and Trust in Indian Business: Ethnographic Explorations
Harriss, John

WP34 (2002) Institutions, Politics and Culture: A Case or 'Old' Institutionalism in the Study of Historical Change
Harriss, John

WP23 (2002) The case for cross-disciplinary approaches in International Development
Harriss, John

WP17 (2001) The Great Tradition Globalizes: reflections on two studies of  'the industrial leaders' of Madras
Harriss, John

WP16 (2001) Social Capital Construction and the Consolidation of Civil Society in Rural Areas
Harriss, John

WP15 (2001) Populism, Tamil Style. Is it really a success?
Harriss, John

WP01 (2001) How Much Difference Does Politics Make? Regime differences across Indian states and rural poverty reduction
Harriss, John

WP83 (2006) Understanding the breakdown in North East India: Explorations in state-society relations.
Hassan, M. Sajjad

WP31 (2002) Rights, Representation and the Poor: Comparisons across Latin America and India
Houtzager, Peter P., Ruth Berins Colliers, John Harriss, Adrian G Lavalle

WP61 (2005) The Fiction of Development: Knowledge, Authority and Representation
Lewis, David, Dennis Rodgers, Michael Woolcock

WP07 (2000) Humanitarianism and Developmental Assistance: Programming and funding issues for slow onset emergencies
Lone, Haleem

WP147, WP148, WP149, WP150 (2009-2012) Free Trade Agreements and Production Networks in Southeast Asia
Postigo, Antonio

WP14 (2001) A Muddled Democracy - "People Power" Philippine Style
Putzel, James

WP04 (2000) Land Reforms in Asia: Lessons from the past for the 21st century
Putzel, James

WP50 (2004) Disembedding the City: Crime, Insecurity, and Spatial Organisation in Managua, Nicaragua
Rodgers, Dennis

WP36 (2002) "We live in a State of Siege": Violence, Crime, and Gangs in Post-Conflict Urban Nicaragua
Rodgers, Dennis

WP74 (2006) The Real Option Approach to Privatise a Utility Where Information is Scarce: And management contract as a limit case.
Ruet, Joel

WP62 (2005) China and the Search for Better-than-MFN Access to the US: The Global Politics of Regional Integration in the Americas. [Now published: DOI]
Shadlen, Kenneth

WP42 (2003) Patents and Pills, Power and Procedure: The North-South Politics of Public Health in the WTO [Now published: DOI]
Shadlen, Kenneth

WP40 (2003) The Political Economy of Intellectual Property Protection: The Case of Software [Now published: DOI]
Shadlen, Kenneth, Andrew Schrank, Marcus Kurtz

WP118, WP119, WP120, WP121 (2010) Pro-Poor Governance Reform Initiatives in Madhya Pradesh, India, 1993-2010
Srivastava, Manoj

WP09 (2000) Radio Broadcasting and Rural Development in Africa: Media messages and women food producers in Malawi
Turner, Rita Crowley

WP33 (2002) Globalization, Poverty and Income Distribution: Does the Liberal Argument Hold?
Wade, Robert H.

WP25 (2002) Gestalt Shift: from "Miracle" to "Cronyism" in the Asian Crisis
Wade, Robert H.

WP24 (2002) Out of the box: Rethinking the governance of International Financial Markets
Wade, Robert H.

WP22 (2002) The American Empire and its Limits
Wade, Robert H.

WP13 (2001) A New-Old Approach To Industrial-cum-Immigration Policy
Wade, Robert H.

WP10 (2001) Is Globalization making world income distribution more equal? Professor Wade, Robert H.

WP03 (2000) Governing The Market: A decade later
Wade, Robert H.

WP47 (2004) Technology, Justice and Imagination: Intellectual property rule-making for the digital economy
Zinnbauer, Dieter

WP12 (2001) From Neo-Classical Economics to New Institutional Economics and beyond - Prospects for an interdisciplinary research programme?
Zinnbauer, Dieter