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Professor Robert Wade

wade-r-113x148Professor of Political Economy and Development

Department of International Development (ID)




New Zealander, educated Washington DC, New Zealand, Sussex University. Worked at Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, 1972-95, World Bank, 1984-88, Princeton Woodrow Wilson School 1989/90, MIT Sloan School 1992, Brown University 1996-2000. Fellow of Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton 1992/93, Russell Sage Foundation 1997/98, Institute for Advanced Study, Berlin 2000/01. Fieldwork in Pitcairn Is., Italy, India, Korea, Taiwan. Research on World Bank 1995-continuing. Author of Irrigation and Politics in South Korea (1982), Village Republics: The Economic Conditions of Collective Action in India (1988, 1994), Governing the Market: Economic Theory and the Role of Government in East Asia's Industrialization (1990, 2003). Latter won American Political Science Association's award of Best Book in Political Economy, 1992.

Research interests and area of supervision

  1. Globalization and trends in world poverty and income/wealth distribution
  2. Functioning of multilateral economic organizations (eg World Bank, IMF, WTO)
  3. The US Empire and the developing countries.
  4. Industrial and technology policies, especially in developing countries.

Selected recent publications

  • Wade, Robert Hunter (2015) Rethinking the Ukraine crisis, Economic and Political Weekly, L (9)
  • Wade, Robert Hunter (2015) The Ukraine crisis is not what it seems, Le Monde diplomatique English edition (31 Mar 2015).
  • Wade, Robert Hunter (2014) The Piketty phenomenon and the future of inequality, Real-Eorld Economics Review, 69. 2-17.
  • Wade, Robert Hunter (2014) Growth, inequality, and poverty: arguments, evidence, and economists. In: Ravenhill , John, (ed.) Global political economy. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, 305-343.
  • Wade, Robert Hunter (2014) Current thinking about global trade policy, Economic and Political Weekly, 49 (6). 18-21.
  • Wade, Robert H. (2014) Market versus state or market with state: how to impart directional thrust, Development and Change, 45 (4). 777-798.
  • Wade, Robert Hunter (2014) The Piketty phenomenon: why has Capital become a publishing sensation?, International Affairs, 90 (5). 1069-1083.
  • Sigurgeirsdottir, Silla and Wade, Robert H. (2014) From control by capital to control of capital: Iceland's boom and bust, and the IMF's unorthodox rescue package, Review of International Political Economy, 22 (1). 103-133.
  • Vestergaard, Jakob and Wade, Robert H. (2013) Protecting power: how Western states retain the dominant voice in the World Bank’s governance, World Development, 46. 153-164.
  • Wade, Robert Hunter (2013) Capitalism and democracy at cross-purposes, New Zealand Sociology, 28 (3). 208-236.
  • Wade, Robert H. and Sigurgeirsdottir, Silla (2012) The Iceland crisis. In: Toporowski, Jan and Michell, Jo, (eds.) Handbook of Critical Issues in Finance. Edward Elgard Publishing Ltd, Cheltenham, 151-164.
  • Wade, Robert Hunter (2012) Return of industrial policy? International Review of Applied Economics, 26 (2). 223-239.

For a full list of publications, and access to repository links, see Professor Wade's LSE Experts profile.

Contact details

  • Email: r.wade@lse.ac.uk
  • Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 7351
  • Fax: +44 (0)20 7955 6844
  • Room: CON7.07, Connaught House