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Dr Kristof Titeca

Kristof-TitecaVisiting Fellow
Department of International Development





Dr Kristof Titeca is a visiting fellow at the Department of International Development. He is also a research fellow from the Research Foundation -  Flanders (FWO), based at the Institute of Development Policy and Management (University of Antwerp); and a lecturer at the Conflict Research Group (Ghent University). At these institutions, he teaches respectively in the Master program Governance and Development and in the Master Conflict and Development. He holds a PhD in political science from Ghent University, Conflict Research Group.

He is at the Department to write up research on the Lord’s Resistance Army in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and particularly on external interventions in the conflict.

He is the project leader of a number of academic collaboration projects with institutions in Central and Eastern Africa, financed by the Flemish University Council (VLIR-CUI). He is project leader of the following projects:

  • Project on public services and local governance, in collaboration with the Catholic University of Congo (UCC), Kinshasa (August 2010 – April 2014)
  • Project on post-conflict reconstruction in Northern Uganda, in collaboration with Gulu University (October 2013 – September 2018)
  • Project on urban governance in Kampala and Gulu, in collaboration with Uganda Christian University (November 2013 – October 2015)

Research interests:

  • Lord’s Resistance Army, humanitarian interventions, military interventions
  • Hybrid governance and public services
  • Informal economy, cross-border trade or smuggling
  • Taxation, and particularly informal taxation
  • Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, South Sudan, Central and Eastern Africa.

Selected publications:

Titeca, K, De Herdt, T and Wagemakers, I. (2013) ‘God and Caesar in the Democratic Republic of Congo: negotiating church-state relations through the management of school fees in Kinshasa’s Catholic schools’ Review of African Political Economy, 40 (135), March 2013: 115–130.

Schomerus, M, Titeca, K. (2012) ‘Deals and Dealings: Inconclusive peace and treacherous trade along the South Sudan-Uganda border’ Afrika Spectrum, 47(2): 5-31.

De Herdt, T, Titeca, K, Wagemaekers, I. (2012) ‘Make schools, not war? Donors’ rewriting of the social contract in the DRC.’ Development Policy Review, 30(6): 681-701.

Titeca, K, Vlassenroot, K. (2012) ‘Rebels without borders in the Rwenzori borderland? A biography of the Allied Democratic Forces’ Journal of Eastern African Studies (special issue ‘Uganda from the margins’), 6(1): 154-176. 

Titeca, K. (2012) ‘Tycoons and contraband: informal cross-border trade in West Nile, north-western Uganda’ Journal of Eastern African Studies (special issue ‘Uganda from the margins’), 6(1): 47-63.

Goodfellow, T, Titeca, K. (2012) ‘Presidential intervention and the changing 'politics of survival' in Kampala's informal economy’ Cities, 29(4): 264 – 270.

Titeca, K. (with C Kimanuka) (2012) ‘Walking in the dark. Informal cross-border trade in the Great Lakes Region’. London: International Alert.

Titeca, K, De Herdt, T. (2011) 'Real governance beyond the "failed state in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)' African Affairs, 110(439):213-231.

Titeca, K. (2011) Access to Resources and Predictability in Armed Rebellion: The ‘Force Armée du Peuple Congolais’ Short-lived ‘Monaco’ in Eastern Congo. Afrika Spectrum, 2/2011: 43-70.

Titeca, K, De Herdt, T. (2010) 'Regulation, cross-border trade and practical norms in West Nile, north-western Uganda'  Africa, 80(4): 573-594.

Titeca, K. (2010) 'The spiritual order of the Lord's Resistance Army' in: Allen, T, Vlassenroot, K. The Lord's Resistance Army: Myth and Reality. London: Zed Books, 59-73.

Titeca, K. (2009) 'The 'Masai' and Miraa: public authority, vigilance and criminality in a Ugandan border town' Journal of Modern African Studies, 47(2): 219- 317.

Titeca, K. (2009) “The changing Cross-border Trade Dynamics between North-western Uganda, North-eastern Congo and Southern Sudan”, Crisis States Working Paper 63 series 2, London School of Economics and Political Science, Crisis States Research Centre, London, 25p.


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