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Research students

Welcome. This page is a resource for the research student community at International Development (MPhils and PhDs). You will find useful information on the range of our research areas as well as biographical and contact information on all of us. 

As you will see we are a diverse group. ID attracted us from all parts of the world and from the gamut of social sciences. As Europeans, South Asians, East Asians, Latin Americans, Africans, North Americans (and yes even some British students), we have been drawn to the LSE. As economists, anthropologists, political scientists, historians, geographers, lawyers (and even a classicist), we somehow manage not only to get along but thrive at ID.

Enjoy our website and do feel free to contact us. We would like to hear from you. Better still, come and join us at the world's best place for the study of social science and one of the most stimulating and dynamic departments for the study of development.



Giulia Ferrari|

Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS and gender into microfinance-based poverty alleviation programmes - an economic evaluation



Fadi Hassan|

Essays in Development Macroeconomics




Ivor Jones|

The politics of government policy toward software licensing in Brazil and Argentina



Vincent Kienzler|

Performance Measurement and Social Accountability in Uganda : Lessons from the 'Community-Based Monitoring and Evaluation System' Initiative


Laura Munro|

Essays on risk-sharing mechanisms and farmer decision-making in rural India: An empirical investigation




Caroline Pöschl

Taxation and Accountability at the Tier of Local Government: Evidence from Mexico




Praveen Priyadarshi|

Urban Reforms in Two Indian Cities: A Comparative Study of the Local State in Ahmadabad and Kanpu


Charmaine G Ramos|

The Politics of Production: Colombian Coffee and Philippine Coconut in the 20th Century




Anouk S. Rigterink|

Quantitative analysis of violent conflict




Alaa Tartir|

Global Governance, Development and State Formation in the Middle East and North Africa




Petterson Molina Vale|

Eating beef and saving the Amazon: does cattle ranching intensification reduce deforestation?