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Research Students

Students at the Postgraduate Graduation Ceremony, December 2014

Welcome! This page is a resource for the research student community at International Development (MPhils and PhDs). You will find useful information on the range of our research areas as well as biographical and contact information on all of us. 

As you will see, we are a diverse group. The Department of International Development has attracted us from all parts of the world and from the gamut of social sciences. 

As Europeans, South Asians, East Asians, Latin Americans, Africans, North Americans (and yes, even some British students), we have been drawn to the LSE. As economists, anthropologists, political scientists, historians, geographers, lawyers (and even a classicist), we somehow manage not only to get along but also to thrive in the department.

Enjoy our website and do feel free to contact us. We would like to hear from you. Better still, come and join us at the world's best place for the study of social science and one of the most stimulating and dynamic departments for the study of development.

Please note that applications for October 2014 start are closed. We will open the next round of applications in October. Any enquiries can be directed to Susan Hoult.


MRes Students

Brian Dornan (MRes)

Supervisor: Professor James Putzel


Lucy Dubochet (MRes)

Supervisor: Professor Stuart Corbridge; Dr Tania Burchardt


Camille Pellerin, MRes Candidate, LSE

Camille Pellerin (MRes)


Supervisor: Professor James Putzel


Elizabeth Storer, MRes Candidate, LSE

Elizabeth Storer (MRes)


Supervisor: Professor Tim Allen



PhD Students

Benjamin Chemouni, PhD Candidate, LSE

Benjamin Chemouni


Supervisor: Professor James Putzel

Research interests: The variation of state effectiveness between Burundi and Rwanda

Media appearances include Al Jazeera English and BBC World News [find out more].


Regina Enjuto-Martinez, PhD Candidate, LSE

Regina Enjuto-Martinez


Supervisor: Professor Jude Howell


Giulia Ferrari

Giulia Ferrari


Supervisor: Dr Radha Iyengar

Research interests: Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS and gender into microfinance-based poverty alleviation programmes - an economic evaluation


Thomas Hohne-Sparborth, PhD Candidate, LSE

Thomas Höhne-Sparborth


Supervisor: Dr Elliott Green


SheilaKamunyori, PhD Candidate, LSE

Sheila Kamunyori


Supervisor: Dr Kate Meagher

Research interests: Planning in informal contexts; Slum upgrading; Social inclusion in urban areas; Property rights and tenure security.


Vincent Kienzler, PhD Candidate, LSE

Vincent Kienzler


Supervisor: Professor David Lewis

Research interests: Implementation of performance-based management in the public sector



Thomas Kirk

Supervisor: Professor Mary Kaldor


Maria Lopez Uribe, PhD Candidate, LSE

Maria del Pilar Lopez-Uribe


Supervisor: Professor Jean-Paul Faguet, Professor Tim Besley

Research interests: Political Economy; Microeconomics; Conflict; Institutional Economy


Gauthier Marchais, PhD Candidate, LSE

Gauthier Marchais


Supervisor: Dr Elliott Green, Dr Kate Meagher

Research interests: Political economy of armed conflict; Armed mobilization; Social movement theory; Contentious politics; Anthropology of armed conflict



Eduardo Mello

Supervisor: Dr Lloyd Gruber

Research interests: Comparative study of distributive institutions, social policy, the political consequences of inequality.


Simona Montanari, PhD Candidate, LSE

Simona Montanari


Supervisor: Professor James Putzel


Karl Muth, PhD Candidate, LSE

Karl Muth


Supervisor: Professor Robert Wade

Media: 'Telling New Stories' [TEDx]; 'Conversations, Global Policy' [LSE].



Christopher Paek

Supervisor: Dr Kate Meagher


Georgina Pearson, PhD Candidate, LSE

Georgina Pearson


Supervisor: Professor Tim Allen

Research interests: Global health; neglected tropical diseases; medical anthropology; mixed methods.

Teaching: DV418 - African Development




Naomi Pendle

Supervisor: Professor Tim Allen


Praveen Priyadarshi, PhD Candidate, LSE

Praveen Priyadarshi


Supervisor: Professor James Putzel

Research interests:  Development studies, urban studies, cross-cultural studies, Indian studies, city governance


Alessandra Radicati, PhD Candidate, LSE

Alessandra Radicati


Supervisor: Dr Rajesh Venugopal

Research interests: Infrastructure, modernity, space and place, globalization, social theory


Portia Roelofs, PhD student in International Development

Portia Roelofs


Supervisor: Dr Kate Meagher

Research Interests: Nigerian Politics; Governance and Accountability; African Politics; Comparative Political Theory; Corruption; Gender

DTC Prizewinner at the 2015 Research Festival [read more].



Nelson A Ruiz-Guarin

Supervisor: Professor Jean-Paul Faguet, Dr Sandra Sequeira, Dr Dominik Hangartner

Research interests: Political Economy; Institutional Economics; Democracy and Development; Designs of Political Institutions and Electroral Systems; Large-N Comparative Politics; Causal Inference for Studying Effects of Politics (on Economic Development and Conflict)


Emrys Schoemaker, PhD Candidate, LSE

Emrys Schoemaker


Supervisor: Dr. Shirin Madon


Rebecca Sutton, PhD Candidate, LSE

Rebecca Sutton


Supervisor: Professor Tim Allen, Dr Devika Hovell


Sam Vincent, PhD Candidate, LSE

Samuel Vincent


Supervisors: Professor Mary Kaldor; Professor David Keen


Florian Weigand, PhD Candidate, LSE

Florian Weigand


Supervisor: Professor Mary Kaldor

Research interests: Human security; Conflicts and new wars; Political order; Statehood; Legitimacy; Security provision; Policing peace / state-building; Security sector reform; Afghanistan; Pakistan.



Recently Completed PhDs

Anila Channa

Supervisor: Professor Jean-Paul Faguet

Research interests: Political economy of education provision, educational stratification, education policy and reforms particularly decentralization and school-based management; kinship groups and ethnic fractionalization; social capital; South Asia, particularly Pakistan

Yi Fan, Completed PhD candidate, LSE

Yi Fan

Thesis: Essays on inequality and intergenerational mobility in China.

Supervisor: Dr Diana Weinhold, Dr Guy Michaels, Professor Robin Burgess

Research interests: Development economics; Labour economics; Public Policy; Economic history; Political economy.


Arabella Fraser, Completed Doctoral Candidate, LSE

Arabella Fraser


Supervisor: Professor Tim Forsyth



Fadi Hassan

Research interests: Development macroeconomics




Ivor Jones

Supervisor: Professor Ken Shadlen

Research interests: The politics of government policy toward software licensing in Brazil and Argentina

Laura Munro, PhD Candidate, LSE

Laura Munro


Supervisor: Professor Jean-Paul Faguet

Research interests:  Development economics, risk-sharing and savings mechanisms, international trade



Anokhi Parikh, PhD Candidate, LSE

Anokhi Parikh


Thesis: The private city: property, planning and protest in the making of Lavasa New Town

Supervisor: Professor Stuart Corbridge



Caroline Pöschl

Supervisor: Professor Jean-Paul Faguet

Research interests: Taxation and accountability

Co-editor: Is Decentralisation Good for Development? (Oxford, 2015)


Alyson Smith

Thesis: Post-conflict in Rwanda: uncovering hidden factors in the gender policy context.

Supervisor: Professor Jo Beall

Research interests: Post-conflict reconstructions (with particular attention to Rwanda, long-term outcomes of reconstructions, gender policies.


Alaa Tartir, PhD Candidate, LSE

Alaa Tartir


Supervisor: Professor Mary Kaldor, Dr Denisa Kostovicova

Research interests:  Palestinian-Israeli Conflict; Political Economy of International Development and Foreign Aid; State-Building and Governance in Conflict-Affected Areas, and Public Policy Analysis.

Profile pages: Author at Al-Shabaka  /  LinkedIn.

Contact:  /

Petterson Vale, PhD Candidate, LSE

Petterson M. Vale


Thesis: Land use intensification; Welfare and the environment; Spatial econometrics; Development in agricultural frontiers; Climate change.

Supervisor: Dr Diana Weinhold

Research interests: Productivity of cattle ranching and deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon


 Dr Maria Waldinger, Grantham Institute, LSE

Maria Waldinger


Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Grantham Institute

Supervisor: Dr Diana Weinhold