Praveen Priyadarshi

Urban Reforms in Two Indian Cities : A Comparative Study of the Local State in Ahmadabad and Kanpur


My research seeks to understand urban reform process in India in a comparative framework by studying two cities of Ahmedabad and Kanpur. Existing explanations of the reform process in India initiated since 1990s focus predominantly at the national and regional levels, which, this work wishes to illustrate, undermines the significance of local level political institutions and politics in general. This research seeks to address this gap by arguing that city level state institutions- trajectory of its relationship with the regional state, its capacity of local taxation, and the nature of its engagement with local interest networks – are crucial in explaining the way reform process unfolds at the city level. In doing so, it also hopes to bring the understanding of urban reforms process in Indian cities the kind of academic attention that it deserves given its significance in the overall Indian development story since the 1990s.   



  • Professor James Putzel and Professor Stuart Corbridge


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