Alyson Smith

LSE Fellow
Department of International Development


Alyson Smith joined LSE in 2008 as a PhD student and has been an LSE Fellow since 2011.  Her research focus is on post-conflict reconstruction in Rwanda with specific attention to the integration of gender policies into post-conflict policies and the political impact of international aid within local post-conflict settings. Smith has experience working in both a research and programmatic capacity for international donors including DFID and USAID. Prior to pursuing a doctorate, Smith was employed at a United States-based NGO where she worked on global initiatives as well as local programmes in eight countries throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Research interests:

  • Post-conflict reconstruction (in particular: the political and developmental impact of international aid on local post-conflict settings)
  • Gender policies within post-conflict reconstruction (in particular: dynamics between international and national level gender policies)
  • Long-term outcomes of post-conflict reconstruction processes (in particular: political and developmental effects of policies initiated during the reconstruction phase)
  • Post-conflict reconstruction in Rwanda

Selected publications:

With Tom Goodfellow (2013).“From urban catastrophe to ‘model’ city? Politics, security and development in post-conflict Kigali” in Urban Studies|, Vol. 50 (15).

Book Review (2013). “Transformative Policy for Poor Women: A New Feminist Framework.”  Forum for Development Studies.  Vol. 40, (2).  

With Haley Swedlund and Cyanne Loyle.  “Fieldwork in ‘Restrictive’ States: Contrasting Methodologies.” (under review)

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