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Dr Alyson Smith

LSE Fellow
Department of International Development


Dr Alyson Smith has been an LSE Fellow since 2011 and was awarded her PhD in 2015. Her research focus is on post-conflict reconstruction in Rwanda with specific attention to the integration of gender policies into post-conflict policies and the political impact of international aid within local post-conflict settings. Smith has experience working in both a research and programmatic capacity for international donors including DFID and USAID. Prior to pursuing a doctorate, Smith was employed at a United States-based NGO where she worked on global initiatives as well as local programmes in eight countries throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Research interests:

  • Post-conflict reconstruction (in particular: the political and developmental impact of international aid on local post-conflict settings)
  • Gender policies within post-conflict reconstruction (in particular: dynamics between international and national level gender policies)
  • Long-term outcomes of post-conflict reconstruction processes (in particular: political and developmental effects of policies initiated during the reconstruction phase)
  • Post-conflict reconstruction in Rwanda

Selected publications:

With Tom Goodfellow (2013).“From urban catastrophe to ‘model’ city? Politics, security and development in post-conflict Kigali” in Urban Studies, Vol. 50 (15).

Book Review (2013). “Transformative Policy for Poor Women: A New Feminist Framework.”  Forum for Development Studies.  Vol. 40, (2).  

With Haley Swedlund and Cyanne Loyle.  “Fieldwork in ‘Restrictive’ States: Contrasting Methodologies.” (under review)

Contact details

Email: A.Smith6@lse.ac.uk