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Charmaine Ramos

RamosTeaching Fellow
Department of International Development



Charmaine G. Ramos joined the department as a research student in 2007 and became a member of staff in October 2011. Her research interests centre on the political economy of institutions and late development, including: the state and development in emerging economies; corruption and governance; and the political economy of production policies.  She recently submitted her PhD thesis, which explores the developmental consequences of institutions allocating state-engineered rents, focusing on the role producers associations played in the mobilisation of taxes collected from the Colombian coffee and Philippine coconut sectors.

Charmaine has extensive field experience as a development worker in the Philippines and the Southeast Asian region. She has previously undertaken research on policy issues related to agricultural trade, food security, public finance and decentralisation. She obtained BSc and MA degrees in economics from the University of the Philippines; and an MSc degree in Development Management from the LSE.

Selected policy papers and publications

“Notes from the Field: Taxation, State-building and Conflict in Colombia”. Briefing paper prepared for the LSE Crisis States Research Centre. March 2010.

“Re-examining the Case for Strategic Rice Reserves in Southeast Asia”. Briefing paper written for OXFAM-East Asia and the Pacific. November 2008

“Assessing the Enabling Environment for Social Accountability in Local Governance in the Philippines”.  Report prepared for the World Bank – Washington DC. November 2007.

“Democratisation by Technocratic Design: The Case of Social Funds in the Philippines”. DESTIN Working Paper No. 55. 2007.

State Intervention in the Rice Sector: The Case of Thailand", in State Intervention in the Rice Sector in Selected Countries: Implications for the Philippines, Rice Watch and Action Network: Quezon City, Philippines, 2004.

"Decentralizing Basic Services in the Philippines: A Review of Institutional Issues", in Investing in People: the Philippine 20/20 Initiative, Development Academy of the Philippines: Manila, Philippines, 2002.

Managing Urbanization under a Decentralized Framework. with Dr. Eduardo Gonazalez, et.al, Philippine Institute of Development Studies: Makati, Philippines. 2001.

“Food Security Perspectives: Focus on Asia and the Philippines", with Dr. Angelina Briones, in "The United Nations and the Global Environment in the 21st Century: From Common Challenges to Shared Responsibilities, edited by Pamela S. Chasek. United Nations University (UNU) Press: Tokyo, Japan, 1999

Contact details

Email: c.g.ramos@lse.ac.uk|