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Dr Marwan Naser

Visiting Research Fellow naserm

Department of International Development (ID)





Marwan Naser is a Visiting Fellow in the Department of International Development under the LSE Scholars At Risk scheme, with the support of the Institute of International Education's Scholar Rescue Fund. Marwan is an economist in the Middle East and especially in Palestine.

He is also working as a project coordinator and senior research associate and fellow at the Institute of Strategic Studies, Development Studies and Surveys- SSDSS- Alazhar University of Gaza.

He is also a research associate and fellow at CEREFI- University of Paul Cézanne- Aix Marseille III in France.

BA and MA in Economics and International Relations at the University of Sindh in Pakistan in 1997. PhD in Economic science at the University of Paul Cézanne- Aix Marseille III in France in 2007.

He taught for a long while at Alazhar University and Alquds Open University in Gaza, University of Paul Cézanne in France and has been involved and taught in the Libyan Leadership Programme.

He has worked and written extensively on Israeli-Palestinian conflict and policies. He has been involved in a research project on the Palestinian refugees, for which he is conducting fieldwork in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan.

He is currently researching the fundamental constraints to the development of the Palestinian economy: its Limitation and the Prospect of Success. This work draws on his previous researches as well as his thesis, for which this work was funded by the French Foreign Ministry.

Research interests

  1. Challenges Facing Women Participation in Economic Development
  2. Challenges and Response of Education System
  3. Economic Policy and Development
  4. Israeli-Palestinian Cooperation; Past, present and future
  5. Labour Market Policies
  6. Political Economy and Security
  7. The Role of International Aid in Development

Selected recent publications

  • (July 2012) Book Palestinian Economics: Its Limitation and the Prospect of Success Published  by “LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing GmbH & Co”. KG Heinrich-Böcking-Str. 6-8 66121, Saarbrücken, Germany. ISBAN: 978-3-659-16137-7
  • (March 2012) 'Ahead for a Developing Visions and strategies of the Occupied Palestinian Territories', BRISMES, MEC, LSE, UK .
  • (Sept 2010) 'Challenges Facing Palestinian Women in Economics Development', LSE,UK.
  • (Aug 2007) 'Palestinian Education System: Challenges and Response', Alquds Open University of Gaza , PNA.
  • (Aug 2007) 'Palestinian Woman and Economics Development: What went wrong?' Institute of Strategic and Development Studies, Alazhar University of Gaza, PNA.
  • (Oct 2006) Analyzing of Labour Market Policy in the West Bank and Gaza', Institute of Strategic and Development Studies, Alazhar University of Gaza, PNA .
  • ( April 2005) 'Credit Policy for Working Banks in Palestinian Territories', Association Tiers- Monde, Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakech.
  • (Oct 2001) 'Obstacles to investment in the West Bank and Gaza' CERFEI Public Policy and Cooperation in the Mediterranean Basin, University of Aix Marseille III-Paul Cezanne, France.  

Work in Progress

  • Policy Challenges and the Case for Arab States macroeconomic Policy Coordination, DID, LSE, UK.
  • Policy Dilemmas in Managing Labour Market Outcomes and Economic Growth in Arab States, DID, LSE, UKI.

Contact details

  • Email: m.naser@lse.ac.uk
  • Tel: 00447778943774
  • Fax: +44 (0)20 7955 6844
  • Room: CON8.15, Connaught House