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Professor Stuart Corbridge

corbridge-sProfessor of Development Studies. Provost and Deputy Director.

Professor Corbridge left the school in 2015 to take up a new position as Vice Chancellor and Warden of Durham University.


Stuart joined LSE in 2001, having taught previously at Huddersfield, London (Royal Holloway), Syracuse, Cambridge and Miami Universities. He is the author of Capitalist World Development (Macmillan, 1986), Debt and Development (Blackwell, 1993), Mastering Space (1995, Edward Arnold, with John Agnew), Reinventing India (2000/2003, Polity-Oxford University Press, with John Harriss), Jharkhand: Environment, Development, Ethnicity (2004, Oxford University Press, with Sarah Jewitt and Sanjay Kumar) and Seeing the State: Governance and Governmentality in Rural India (2005, Cambridge University Press, with Glyn Williams, Manoj Srivastava and René Véron). The Development Reader, a collection of essays edited jointly with Sharad Chari, will be published by Routledge in July 2008.

Recent teaching is currently focused on two courses: Nationalism, Democracy and Development in Contemporary India (DV437), and Development: History, Theory and Policy (DV400).

Research interests and area of supervision

  • Governance and accountability, including Right to Information
  • Participation and empowerment in eastern India
  • Forest policies and politics in eastern India
  • Traumatic spaces, including Ayodhya and Bhuj, India
  • History of development thinking and the (im)possibility of development studies

Selected Recent Publications


  • Urban bias (with Gareth A Jones) in: Desai, Vandana and Potter, Rob, (eds.) The companion to development studies. Routledge, London, UK, 286-290.



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Editorial Boards (current)

  • Journal of Development Studies (Managing Editor, 2005 - )
  • Economy and Society (Editorial Advisory Board 2006-8; Editorial Board 2008 - )
  • Ethics, Place and Environment
  • Progress in Development Studies
  • South Asian Development

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