Shamel Azmeh

Azmeh-S-142x208LSE Fellow
Department of International Development


Shamel Azmeh is a Fellow of the department, a Visiting Fellow at the Brooks World Poverty Institute, University of Manchester, and an Associate Lecturer at Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC), University of Lancaster. He works on issues related to globalisation and development, global production networks, political economy of international institutions, trade, and labour.

Research interests

  • Globalisation and development
  • Global production networks
  • Political economy of international institutions, trade and labour

Recent publications

Azmeh, Shamel and Nadvi, Khalid. 2014. 'Asian firms and the restructuring of global value chains'. International Business Review.

Azmeh, Shamel. 2014. 'Labour in global production networks: workers in the qualifying industrial zones (QIZs) of Egypt and Jordan'. Global Networks.

Azmeh, Shamel and Nadvi, Khalid. 2013. '"Greater Chinese" Global Production Networks in the Middle East: The Rise of the Jordanian Garment Industry'. Development and Change.

Contact details

Twitter:      @shamelazmeh|