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Dr Borge Wietzke

wietzkebLSE Fellow (MPA)
Department of International Development



Borge Wietzke joined LSE in 2004 as a PhD student and became a member of staff in September 2010. His research falls into a recent stream of literature on the historical and political determinants of wellbeing inequalities and governance outcomes. Borge's PhD thesis, which was defended without revisions in December 2010, blends econometric and historical evidence on the link between past missionary school provision and current social and spatial inequalities in Madagascar. His recent research focuses on the legal and political origins of welfare and labour market policies and their impact on social and subjective dimensions of wellbeing.

Borge teaches and lectures in the International Development stream of the Public Administration programme (MPA). His teaching focuses on poverty and inequality analysis, governance reform, international aid and trade, and the design and politics of poverty alleviation and welfare programmes in low and middle income countries. Borge has also worked for over three years as a local governance and social protection advisor for the World Bank in Madagascar and has extensive research experience in South Asia and Central America. He was trained in political science and international development at the Universities of Hamburg and Leipzig, and the Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Paris.

Research interests

  • Geography and instititions;
  • multidimensional poverty and inequality analysis;
  • political economy of labour market and welfare reforms;
  • decentralisation and service delivery reforms;
  • research methods and mixed qualitative-quantitative designs. 

Selected recent publications

  • With Jean-Paul Faguet: "Social Funds and Decentralisation: Optimal Institutional Design", in: Public Administration and Development, Vol. 26 (2006), issue 4, pp.303-315.
  • "Universal Primary Education, Private Schooling, and Interreligious Inequality: Evidence from Madagascar" (under review).
  • "The Long Shadow of History: 19th Century Missionaries and Educational Inequalities in Madagascar" (under review)
  •  "Geographic Targeting Without Expenditure Data. An Asset-Based Analysis of Spatial Inequalities in Madagascar", (under review).
  • "Jobs, Wellbeing and Labour Market Regulation: Evidence from value and perception surveys" (manuscript).
  • "Labour Market Institutions and Social Class in more than 50 Countries: Is social class still a salient category of labour-capital relations?" (manuscript)
  • "Observing Capabilities: A Group-Based Measure of Capability Inequality", (manuscript).

Policy papers

  • With Catriona McLeod: "Jobs, Wellbeing, and Social Cohesion". Background paper for the World Development Report 2012 on jobs.
  • "Neighbourhood Effects: A critical review of the literature". Background paper for the World Bank's World Development Companion Report on spatial inequality in Latin America (2009).
  • With Wolfgang Fengler and other co-authors: "Decentralisation in Madagascar". The World Bank (2004), Washington D.C.

Contact details

Room:  CON6.02, Connaught House
Email:   f.b.wietzke@lse.ac.uk|
Fax:       +44 (0) 20 7955 6844