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Dr Rajesh Venugopal

Rajesh Venugopal 

Lecturer in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies

Department of International Development (ID)




Rajesh Venugopal joined ID in September 2011. His primary research interests are in the political sociology of development and violent conflict, particularly with reference to South Asia. He has researched and written on post-conflict reconstruction, nationalism, development aid, private sector development, and liberal peacebuilding. Before joining the LSE, Rajesh was a lecturer at the University of York, and completed a doctorate at the University of Oxford. 

Research interests and areas of supervision

  • Liberal Peace-building & Post-conflict reconstruction
  • Ethnic conflict and civil war
  • Neo-liberalism and the Politics of market reform
  • Nationalism & development
  • South Asia (particularly Sri Lanka)

Recent publications

  • 'Market Reform at a Time of Civil War: military fiscalism in Sri Lanka', Economic and Political Weekly, 46 (49), pp. 67-75. December (2011)
  • 'Privatization, Private Sector Development and Horizontal Inequalities in Post-Conflict Countries', in Langer, A., F. Stewart & R. Venugopal (eds.), 'Horizontal Inequalities and Post-Conflict Development: Laying the Foundations for Durable Peace', Palgrave (2012)
  • 'The Politics of Market Reform at a Time of Ethnic Conflict', in Stokke, K. and J. Uyangoda (eds.), Liberal Peace in Question: Politics of State and Market Reforms in Sri Lanka. Anthem (2011).
  • 'Sectarian Socialism: the Politics of Sri Lanka’s Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna'. Modern Asian Studies 44(3), pp.567-602.
  • 'The Making of Sri Lanka’s Post-Conflict Economic Package and the Failure of the 2001-04 Peace Process', in Newman, E., R.Paris and O.Richmond, (eds.), New Perspectives on Liberal Peacebuilding. United Nations University Press (2009).

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